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Snohomish teen sisters Zoë and Marley Macris have pivoted from producing scrunchies for their business 'Scrunchies by Mar' to sewing face masks to donate to those on the front lines on the fight against COVID-19. (Photo: Seattle Refined)<br><p></p>

Local teens transition their scrunchie business, to face mask business

A little over a month ago we told you about Zoë and Marley Macris, teenage sister who turned entrepreneurs with their own scrunchie business, Scrunchies By Mar. In the last couple weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoë and Marley have pivoted their scrunchie business into a mask business, and have made upwards of 300 masks so far for higher risk folks, and those on the frontlines. We checked in with them (via video chat) to see what the transition has been like so far, and how what was behind the decision to transition the business.

Seattle Refined: So you guys have been making scrunchies for awhile now as a business and it’s been pretty successful.
Yes yes most definitely. Absolutely.

How many scrunchies have you guys made so far?
Marley: Around 5 ,000+ plus.
Zoë: I mean maybe more.

You guys were already successful business women, but then last week you saw there was a need to shift your focus. Tell me about that?
Marley: We’re making masks for people [for people like] from firefighters and nurses, and we’re just donating them.
Zoë : Higher risk people - people volunteering to hand out lunches. We’ve had a few friends that we’ve given [them] to and we just we're able to get them out all around. Also there’s a shortage at stores as well so we wanted to help with that too.
Marley: Donating,
Zoë: Donating, all donating. We have had donations coming in to buy more fabric but we have not made any money from it.

So you guys have only been in the business of making masks for a few days now. How many have you made?
Zoë: Around 300, I’d say over the past couple days. We were able do a process where we’re all able to work together and get it through a train of going and it’s been able to move pretty fast and we’re pretty happy with how its turned out.

So can you guys show us some of your masks?
We have these from WSU to UW. Then we have some flowers, this gray and white pattern and dragonflies.

How is working together?
Zoë : We’re sisters, it’s not always the best thing in the world but we make it work. We've definitely gotten closer through Scrunchies by Mar, I’m happy I joined it’s not always the greatest time just cause we’re sisters. We have our moments but for the most part we really get along.

How does it feel to know you’re helped people?
Marley: It feels good knowing that you’re giving back to the community.
Zoë: Knowing that I’m making an impact especially when there’s not a lot I usually feel like I can do, it feels pretty good to know that people are bring helped

So mom, how proud of you of your girls?
Michelle (Mom): I’m extremely proud. It’s been wonderful to see them use the time they’re not in school now for good. Clearly there’s a shortage and a need out there and the impact they’ve made just in a few days has been really cool to watch. They’re clearly not the N-95 protection masks but they’re just for extra protection. We just went along the guidelines of what they have out there in the internet.

So when you guys get these beautiful picture of the firefighters wearing the masks you made how does that make you feel?
Michelle: Well I enjoy the pictures of the firefighters anyway [laughing] always but it was really cool to see what my girls had made on these cutie firefighters who are on the front lines of helping people right now and a it was just cool to see in action.

So do feel that teens have a role to play during this health crisis?
Michelle: I do. As scary and as sad as it is I think it’s an awesome opportunity for them to do some selfless acts since they have a little more time on their hands and give back and kind of start that footprint of charity and community service now so as they grow into adults it can be a habit.

Thank you for talking with us and thanks for doing what you’re doing for the community I think you’re making a huge difference.

For more info visit Scrunchies by Mar on Facebook and Instagram.