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Olga Sagan Owner Piroshky Piroshky bakery image by Charles Koh.png
(Image: Charles Koh / Piroshky Piroshky)

Local bakery owner rolls out free delivery site for Seattle businesses

You've inhaled your entire quarantine food supply within two days and it's $5.99 for a sandwich delivery. You're stressed, bored and...well...hungry.

Olga Sagan, the owner of the iconic Russian bakery Piroshky Piroshky, has a solution. After speaking to community members, Sagan recognized the need for a 'hospitality hub' that connects business owners directly to their customers. So, naturally, she built one.

Catch22Delivery is a free platform for local businesses that currently offer pick-up and delivery services. Now you can support your favorite small business without paying a delivery fee.

“I have experienced challenges, and I’ve been hearing from other businesses about how difficult it is to get their updated messages out to their customers as they’re constantly having to innovate and evolve as things unfold. I want to make it easier on us all,” says Sagan.

It’s no secret that Seattle’s hospitality industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak. Restaurants have been temporarily or permanently shuttered, and all orders have been moved to pick-up and delivery only. Many small businesses rely on third-party delivery services, which charge hefty fees for both restaurants and their customers. Catch22 allows businesses to avoid those costs, offer more ordering and delivery options and ensure food quality and safe deliveries by using in-house drivers.

Several Seattle businesses have already flocked to the platform, including Pike Place Chowder, Terra Plata, Tinte Cellars, Macadons, Nue and Due’ Cucina Italiana. A variety of small hospitality businesses are welcome to join, not just restaurants. Think fish markets, breweries and bakeries.

“Creating a menu of businesses with the goal to take one more thing ‘off people’s plates’ as they navigate where to dine and which small businesses to support just feels like the right thing to do,” said Sagan.

Sagan created the hub with help from her team, who shed their original job titles of bakers, caterers and supervisors to become photographers, social outreach teams and janitorial staff. The idea came to fruition with the help of a community, and supporting Seattle businesses remains the steadfast mission.

“I am blessed with a team of pushers and a culture that allows me to step out and look around. It helps me get over my fears faster and to take action. I am forever filled with hope. It will be the last thing to go for me—and I never see that happening,” said Sagan.

To get your food delivered, simply search for your neighborhood on Catch22 to find a local business. Order a to-go version of your favorite menu item and the restaurant will deliver it to you directly.

If you own a business and want to sign up for the platform, add your restaurant to the database by submitting a short description, your logo and a link to the business website.