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(Photo Credit: Planted/Anna Gallup)

Everett's new shop Planted, is getting creative with their growth

Anna Gallup is one of my new favorite people. This woman emanates joy and peace; through her words, through her plants and through her perseverance and innovation in trying times.

Just days before Washington committed to staying at home, Gallup busied herself with preparations for her new business' grand opening — a storefront in Everett called Planted featuring the most beautiful house plants you've ever seen. Truly, they look to be straight out of a magazine!

Despite the unfavorable time for a business launch, with careful consideration Gallup moved forward.

"I want Planted to bring joy and light to the community of Everett and surrounding cities in a dark time. There is so much beauty in simple things - like picking out a plant and bringing nature inside," she said. "So, we took the risk and opened on probably one of the worst weekends to open a business of the year! But we don't regret it one bit."

Gallup's love for plants grows deep. Since 2016 she has worked as a wedding florist as the owner of Grace & Blooms. Due to the seasonality of wedding work in conjunction with her young family, she felt Planted would give both her and the community a secondary avenue for plant inspiration and interaction. This is her heart.

"Throughout my time as a florist, my desire to create a welcoming, beautiful space where people can be seen, known, and celebrated during the day to day has increased. I wanted to create a space where community might be built by way of the intersection of my two biggest passions: plants and people."

What bloomed was Planted, and why she is getting creative with their growth despite these unknown times.

Although the shop isn't open for customer browsing right now, you can still bring Planted beauties into your home. Gallup quickly adapted her business to the changing times and is offering curbside pickup as well as deliveries every Friday/Saturday. Plant offerings are available online as well as in the Planted Instagram highlights. Truly, this Instagram is one you want to follow — it feels so fresh!

More than the prettiness of plants, here's why greenery needs to be on your essentials list right now — houseplants are good for your health! I've always known that plants are our besties when it comes to improving air quality and Gallup affirmed that thought.

"Many scientists have studied the effects of houseplants on indoor air quality, and whether in small or great ways, they have [amazing] benefits, especially for our mental health. I say, the more plants, the better!"

Amen to that!

"In this time of being home 24/7, people have a longing to care for something," she added. "Plants provide a beautiful outlet for that nurturing side of all of us, and bring the peace and calm of the outdoors in."

Who needs more peace and calm? Yes, yes, yes! That's all of us right now. When life returns to a more normal pace, Planted will bloom into its full potential as a gathering venue for the community through monthly workshops and shows.

"For now, we so appreciate your support from the comfort and safety of your home!" said Gallup.

Now, schedule that curbside pickup or delivery and welcome a plant baby into your quarantine! I promise a new plant will be just the pick me up you need. Plus, you'll become an essential part of helping establish Planted during its seedling days.