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Must Love Animals: This Seattle dating app is for pet lovers only

If you’re an animal person seeking another animal person to hang with - whether it’s to meet a bestie or a boo – this Seattle-based app is just for you.

CEO Manish Methai created Offleash’d, which he calls the first-ever friendship and dating app for ALL pet parents, "this includes dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, fish and more."

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There are two modes on the app: friendship (called Pet Social) or dating.

"We want to foster all types of connections," said Methai, "including finding new people around the neighborhood with animals, creating meetup groups, or finding someone who you can build a pet family with."

The app’s purpose is to provide an inclusive community to make connections through their shared experiences and love for pets.

Methai shared that the idea for Offleash’d came to him while he was courting his now wife.

"After going on a few dates, I started to fall for her and I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said, 'since my dog approves, I also approve.'"

"I couldn’t get that line out of my head. So, I went to the local dog park and questioned a whole bunch of people about the concept of Offleash'd and every single pet person questioned why something like this doesn't exist yet. After receiving inspiration from my wife and confirmation from people, I decided to start this journey and start building this community."

Relying on his background in the tech industry, Methai officially launched Offleash’d in June of 2022. And it's taking off!

Right now, the app currently has hundreds of active users.

"We are only targeting Seattle users at the moment in order to make rich connections and grow in a specific area," said Methai. "We do plan on expanding and launching in California around October."

Methai has a team of 5, "We have representation all the way from Seattle to California, to Arizona to Kansas."

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A priority for Methai and his team is supporting inclusion.

"We are open to all communities because pets don't discriminate or judge, they just love and pet ownership comes in all ages, sizes, colors and more. We want to keep the same unconditional love that pets evoke and celebrate everyone for who they are and what they are interested in."

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