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Family-owned Westerly Kitchen delivers delicious meals straight to your door

When you have a background in meal delivery, a husband who is a chef and a sister-in-law that specializes in marketing – why not start your own service? That’s exactly what Chrissy Hunt thought and did.

The Seattle-based and family-owned business Westerly Kitchen launched in 2018. What started out as a team of three family members, has now grown to 35 employees and counting.

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"We knew that this was a need in Seattle,” said Hunt, “plus we were getting restless in our careers, so we decided to dive in."

It all started with Hunt and her sister-in-law Annalicia Schwab. They got to talking and then recruited Chrissy’s husband Matt Hunt for his chef skills, “Matt has worked as a chef for some well-loved Seattle restaurants, including catering roles," Chrissy said. "We designed Westerly for people who love food and want a balanced lifestyle."

"Especially here in Seattle, people like to prioritize their time and hobbies and spend less time in the kitchen, prepping meals."

Westerly can do this for you!

As a mom of two, Hunt relies on Westerly herself, "My family and I utilize the meals daily and not having to make every meal means I get to spend more time with my family and do the things we enjoy like being outside, hiking and rock climbing.”

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Westerly Kitchen offers plant-based and wellness-focused menus with breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Weekly seasonal menus are offered that focus on locally sourced, nutrient-dense ingredients, plants and lean animal proteins. All made-from-scratch meals are gluten-free, dairy-free, and can be customized for specific food allergies.

"Navigating food in general can be stressful," said Hunt. "Our team helps to eliminate that barrier and we also narrowed the menu down to eliminate major allergens."

This isn't a 'diet' meal plan, although "some people use it to manage portion control," said Hunt. "But there's no calorie counting or fad diets with Westerly meal delivery."

I sampled the three-day meal option and was blown away. Everything arrived beautifully prepped with little packaging waste. All meal containers are also 100% compostable and delivered in reusable cooler bags made with recycled materials.

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The meals tasted even better than they looked. I’m nursing my 4-month-old son who has allergies, and it was super easy to request a no dairy/no soy meal plan.

Hunt tells us there’s a new menu every week that offers constant variety, “There’s not a set meal plan for every week, but we do have return items because they are so loved."

Some of the most beloved items include the Phở dinner, Pad Thai with peanut sauce and their seasonal soups.

The individually portioned meals arrive fully prepared on Sundays and Wednesdays. Subscriptions range from $100 to $220 – with every possible accommodation and combo you can think of.

So, what’s next for this family-turned-entrepreneurs? They just announced an expansion into the Puyallup and Tacoma regions this month.

Insider tip - New Puyallup and Tacoma customers can receive $100 off their first 4 orders of Westerly Kitchen by using the discount code: HELLOTACOMA.

"Once we settle into that expansion, I’d love to see our business model everywhere," said Hunt. "I really like problem-solving and at Westerly, there’s always something new and exciting - there is never a boring day."

To learn more about Westerly Kitchen, go here.

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