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Slumberkins merge the coziness of a child’s favorite lovie with emotional literacy. (Image: Slumberkins)

Vancouver moms create stuffies who teaches conflict resolution, family change & growth

Soft and luxurious, Slumberkins lovies are more than just stuffed animals.

Created by two Vancouver, WA moms who have backgrounds in therapy and education, Slumberkins merge the coziness of a child’s favorite lovie with emotional literacy. Because, let’s face it, in today’s cultural climate children are never too young to hear about conflict resolution, stress relief, growth mindset, and more.

The company is fairly new. With first designs launching in 2016, Slumberkins has steadily grown and now has a near cult following of mom and kid collectors. Social media helped spread their direct to consumer business, and then, in 2017, they appeared on "Shark Tank". That encounter did not result in an investment, but success was imminent. Their product, and the messages they teach are in high demand - and new investments and inevitable growth have followed.

Currently, there is talk of a Slumberkins television show in collaboration with the Jim Henson Company. What a welcome debut that will be!

I first stumbled upon Slumberkins while registering for my baby. I was immediately taken by the neutral colors, sweet faces, and adjoining affirmation cards and books. Not to mention, they’re designed to be safe for infants (no loose parts or pieces) and they’re washable. And, of course I wanted my son to snuggle a soft Bigfoot lovie while I read to him about the importance of self esteem. Talk about a worthwhile bedtime story!

With every Slumberkin purchase you get an affirmation card with a coordinating emotional learning mantra. For example, Bigfoot’s says, “I am kind, I am strong. I am brave and unique. The world is better because I am here. I like me.” The board book expands on this lesson.

To give you a taste of these darling creatures and worthwhile lessons take a glance at a few other affirmations.

  • Fox’s message is all about family change, “I am safe, I am loved. I can get through this part. It’s not my fault things changed, and I can keep an open heart.”
  • Hammerhead’s focuses on conflict resolution, “I felt mad, now I’m calm. I can use my words instead. I’m sorry I hurt you, I still want to be friends.”
  • Narwhal teaches growth mindset, “If I see a problem, I can fix it. I can try to figure it out. If I don’t know what to do, I can always ask for help.”

Slumberkins encourages parents to follow the Slumberkins Routine when promoting early emotional learning through connection, interaction, and reflection. Snuggle your little one, read your affirmation together, and then reflect with your child through modeling feelings and discussing situations where they might apply. Not only do I want to teach lessons of gratitude and stress relief to my children, I want to hold those same lessons close to my heart. Each affirmation is carefully crafted and beautifully written - truly little poems our family can memorize and hold dear as we journey through life.

Slumberkins is teaching lessons we all need to hear in these modern times. They’re presenting important values, spreading truth, and teaching emotional literacy that will carry this new generation into a more emotionally-equipped future.

Currently the Slumberkin line-up includes:

  • Unicorn who teaches authenticity
  • Hammerhead who teaches conflict resolution
  • Hartley who teaches family bonding
  • Fox who teaches family change
  • Honey Bear who teaches gratitude
  • Narwhal who teaches growth mindset
  • Sprite who teaches grief & loss
  • Yeti who teaches mindfulness
  • Slumber Sloth who teaches relaxation
  • Bigfoot who teaches self-esteem
  • Alpaca who teaches stress relief

And, in honor of Valentine’s Day Hedgehug has joined the Slumberkins family with lessons on love and kind words. As a bonus, you get a set of 12 Valentine’s with every Hedgehug purchase too!

Each Slumberkin is $38 and includes a thick cardstock affirmation card perfect for displaying in your little one’s room. A coordinating board book is also available for $9.99. Or, for $44 you can opt for a bundle - Slumberkin, affirmation card, and board book.

Each affirmation card is currently available as a free 8x10 digital download. That’s right, you can begin teaching early emotional lessons without spending a cent! But, as I’m sure you can see, Slumberkins is an amazing, Washington-based business that deserves every penny of our support.