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Here's looking at you, Jeff. (Image: Quinn Width)

Meet Jeff Hassler, the 11th Hottest Rugby Player in the World

Hey guys, it's Gena.

Do you feel like you're being visited by a ghost? Well HERE I AM, chatting to you from the future AND the past - mostly because I am literally physically in Australia (in the future) and partially because I'm writing this on my last day (in the past).

As some of you know (or maybe NONE of you know), I left my position as Assistant Editor at Seattle Refined to do some traveling and some freelancing. But before I left, I needed a Magnum Opus, a Swan Song, if you will - something that would solidify my mark on journalism, in the world, and my work with this lovely company I've been a part of for four years.

Then, the universe aligned and like a moth to a flame - I was gifted the perfect opportunity for my final masterpiece...

Jeff Hassler.

Jeff Hassler is a handsome, talented, funny hunk-of-a-man who plays for our very own Seattle Seawolves Major League Rugby team. He has achieved a lot in his career so far and he's still a young and spry chicken at just 28 years old! He played in both the 2015 and 2019 Rugby World Cups and helped the Seawolves win the Major League Rugby championship for two years in a row, but his biggest accolade so far?

After the Rugby World Cup in 2019, he was voted the 11th Hottest Rugby Player in the World. Are we surprised? Not even in the slightest. Here it was - my Magnum Opus, right in front of me on a silver platter.

There was literally nothing more fitting for my personality, my interests, my expertise - if you will - then filming and producing a social video with the Seawolves Rugby Team ESPECIALLY when it has to do with hotness of the players.

After a sexy little photo shoot last year, I attended several games and made some great pals within the organization. I can't relay enough to you how much fun these rugby games are, you guys. Maybe it's because I played rugby and love the sport, or maybe it's because I love looking at them, YOU BE THE JUDGE!

Anyways. My final parting gift to you (and myself, honestly) is this little interview with Jeff and his fellow teammates. Myself and our amazing intern Jocelynn Blackshear put this project together and we are very proud of it.

Be sure to watch the clip above and for the record, Jeff - here's looking at you, kid. ;)