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"Practical Magic", filmed on Whidbey Island in 1998. (Image: Whidbey Camano Islands Tourism)

It's 'Practically Magic' on Washington's Whidbey Island

Did you know the movie 'Practical Magic' was filmed on Whidbey Island???!!

Yup, the 1998 film starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman was filmed right here in Coupeville.

In case you didn't have a childhood and haven't watched the movie, "Practical Magic" is the classic tale of witchery in a close-minded town. Sisters Sally (Bullock) and Gillian (Kidman) grew up with their aunts off the coast of Massachusetts eating chocolate cake for breakfast and dabbling in their magic powers. Cursed from finding true love forever, the sisters work together to break the family curse and save their family.

Hollywood, move over - Whidbey is in the house! And the city is going BIG to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the movie.

Toby's Tavern is turning into The Catch and Fry (from the movie). The Knead and Feed is now Verbena Botanicals. And the Blue Goose Inn is giving movie buffs a movie-inspired travel package as a chance to walk in the movie's footsteps. It includes:

  • Custom location guided tour
  • Personal viewing party with popcorn and locally-produced wine
  • Full gourmet breakfast the following morning before your departure.

Who's going with me? You be Gillian, I got dibs on Sally.

This package is available now through 2019, pending available.