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Sophie Water3.jpg
(Image: Amber Rochelle & Ty Huffer)

We found a baby hummingbird in distress, here's what happened

While walking in the neighborhood, my husband and I were stopped in our tracks by a faint peeping sound. I looked down to see a tiny baby hummingbird in the middle of the sidewalk. She was in obvious distress and clearly hungry, tilting her head back and opening her mouth. We searched the nearby trees for a nest or another hummer but didn't find any.

It was evening, so I had to call several wildlife sanctuaries before getting an answer from a one in Carnation, who instructed us to take her home, keep her warm, feed her sugar water and call PAWS (our closest local sanctuary) first thing in the morning.

We named her Sofie, and I fed her with an eyedropper every 30 minutes. When I woke in the morning, I was delighted to see she was still with us. And not only that, but her eyes were open, and she had perked up quite a bit. She still wasn't walking or flying, so clearly was injured and/or in shock still. Yet, she was awfully sweet.

We ended up dropping her off at the PAWS Wildlife Sanctuary in Lynwood a few hours later. They have many other hummers there that she will be with, and they can identify and treat the issue. She is in the best place possible, and we were just honored to have been part of her little life.

We'll never forget her and look forward to hearing she's back to her life in the wild!