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How to keep your pets safe, stress-free during 4th of July celebrations (TND)

How to keep your pets safe, stress-free during 4th of July celebrations

While cookouts, pool parties and an evening with fireworks make for a fun Fourth of July, it's not always the safest environment for pets and can be a stressful time for them.

Loud noises, particularly fireworks, tend to make pets nervous.

Furry friends can also experience heat stroke from the blazing summer sun or become poisoned if they eat toxic trash, food scraps or debris from a BBQ.

Dr. Sarah Wooten, Pumpkin Pet Insurance veterinary expert, provided these safety tips to help keep your dogs and cats happy and healthy as you celebrate the upcoming holiday.

  1. Limit sun exposure. Dogs can get sunburned so be cautious, bring an umbrella to outdoor parties and find some shade.
  2. Watch your party food. Any Fourth of July celebration is sure to include fatty, barbecued meats as well as dangerous components like onions, garlic and chocolate, all of which should be kept out of reach of paws. Don't forget about the sharp kebab skewers.
  3. Check for ticks! Fleas and ticks are most active during the summer, so comb through your pet's fur with your fingers and run your fingertips over them to feel for lumps on the skin.
  4. Beware of the water. If your dog hasn't been taught to swim or isn't wearing a flotation device, keep a close check on them when they're near a pool or the beach.
  5. Handle fireworks and loud noises with care. Sparklers and fireworks cause stress and anxiety in pets. They may panic and flee if they become overly frightened. Take the necessary precautions to alleviate their anxiety and panic.