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(Image: Jeff Totey / Seattle Refined)
(Image: Jeff Totey / Seattle Refined)
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Tips on hosting your own Oscars party (within the high maintenance celebs, of course)

Oh, the lives of the rich and famous. Who hasn’t wished that they could walk down that red carpet and attend an Academy Awards ceremony? Who says you can’t? While you’re waiting for your official invitation to hobnob in Hollywood, why not host your own tinsel town party? Whether you want to go all out or just keep things simple, we’ve come up with some ideas to make the night an enjoyable one.

As for décor, we found many of our items from Anko, but you can find “award night” themed decorations at many party stores.

Dress for the Part

Dust off those old prom dresses and groomsmen suits and prepare to dress for success. This is your big night after all. Ask your guests to do the same. If nothing in your closet calls to you, your local Goodwill just might have what you need. Check out these photos for inspiration. To complete the look, Gena Wynkoop offers some great tips on creating hairdos to celebrate in style.

The Red Carpet

While you probably won’t be able to provide valet service for your guests, you should begin the night like the stars do, with a red carpet entry way. If you have an actual red carpet (we used some red rugs from the bathroom!) so much the better, but the same look can be achieved by using red carpet runner we found at a party store or a red tablecloth and lining the sides with white lights.

The Paparazzi

As soon as your guests arrive, grab your cell phone or camera and let them know how special they are by calling out their name and taking a bunch of quick picks. Be sure to use your flash for the full effect. Then, ask your first guests to help you greet the next guests with the same treatment! Trust us; the more people who participate in this, the better it gets. You can also set up a photo station complete with a gold foil backdrop, large foil star balloons and a clapper board.


Print out official ballots from the Oscars website ahead of time. While you're at it, you might want to create your own ballot sheet allowing your guests to vote for "best dressed," “worst dressed,” "best star couple," "best special effects" etc. and hold a mini ceremony with your own awards at the end of the night.

The Drinks

For our party, we decided to go with classic Shirley Temples and Roy Rogers. Don’t laugh. These non-alcoholic drinks can be spiked as well. Here’s how to make them:

  • Shirley Temple: Mix 3 ounces lemon-lime soda, 3 ounces ginger ale and 1/4 ounce grenadine. For a spiked version, add 3 oz. of cherry vodka. Garnish with a cherry.
  • Roy Rogers: Mix 8 oz. Coca-Cola and 1/4 ounce grenadine. For a spiked version, add a shot of whiskey or bourbon. Garnish with a cherry.

Too tame? Other beverages that fit well with the theme of the night include these “Cocktail of the Week” choices: The Cosmo, Butter Beer and the Darth Vader Cocktail. Whatever you decide, serve beverages with rose gold-foiled cups. Can't get enough gold on a night like tonight. (Makes clean up easier too.)

The Food

Consider setting up a “snack bar” with classic theater treats like popcorn (served in old-fashioned popcorn bags or food trays) and a selection of classic candies like Goobers, Raisinets, Sno-Caps, Hot Tamales and Good and Plenty. You can also go all fancy with appetizers instead. (Anything served with a toothpick is considered fancy, right?) Don’t know where to begin? The Dairy Farmers of Washington have some great tips on how to create the ultimate cheese board.

Too Much?

Maybe you don't want to go to so much work. We hear you. We also like Malia Karlinsky’s take on creating a laid-back Oscar party too. However you plan to celebrate, be sure to tune in to KOMO. Oscar coverage begins as early as 3:00 p.m. with the award show beginning at 5:00 p.m.