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Proof that 6" is possible. 

How to fit your bicycle in a 6” wide space

Bob Forgrave biked every day as a teenager. Then, he stopped. He still took fun rides as an adult, but eventually even those fell by the wayside. Life was busy, and he was mostly running for exercise anyway. Bob’s bike settled into the back of his garage, where it spent its time slowly deteriorating, thoroughly ignored by everyone.

When joint pain and a search for low-impact exercise led Bob to embrace biking again, he invested in a nice used bike and promptly encountered a physics issue: he had nowhere to put it. The fruitless search for storage space incited a new search, this time for a way to create a bike that could fold flat. He started work and founded Flatbike, Inc.

In his research, Bob encountered CHANGE Bikes online and ordered two of them from Taiwan. They were perfect, and he decided that instead of being a competitor, CHANGE Bikes would be the supplier for Flatbike. Today, Flatbike sells CHANGE Bikes across the US and Canada and ships for free. They also stock other space-saving bike equipment like folding stems and pop-off pedals.

What about that 6” thing?

If you buy a CHANGE Bike and equip it with a folding stem, you can indeed fit it in a space that’s only 6” wide – that’s the size of the space where Bob stores the original CHANGE Bike he still rides. Here are a few other ways folding bikes come in handy.

For commuters

From condo to cubicle, the 24-speed CHANGE 702 Commuting Bike is ideal. This road-style bike has flat handlebars and it can easily be rolled, stood up or carried when folded. Weighing in at just over 23 pounds, it folds in half in seconds and will easily fit inside a small office or apartment, both of which are far more secure than outdoor storage areas.

Throw your bike in a friend’s car after work and go get drinks together, or hop in an Uber and put it in the trunk without any hassle. You can also keep your bike in your own trunk to take advantage of opportune moments, or bring it on a trip without worrying about roof or trunk racks.

For mountain bikers

If you think folding bikes aren’t for you, think again. CHANGE Mountain Bikes are the only folding bikes in the world to earn the EN 14766 international certification for mountain bike ruggedness and durability.

The patented folding mechanism maintains ideal geometry and passes several tests that many folding bikes fail, including the Frame and Front Fork Assembly Impact Test, the Fatigue Test with Pedaling Forces and the Fatigue Test with Horizontal Forces.

Available in 27- and 30-speed models, this gearing system will empower you to attack even the toughest hills. And when it comes to convenience, this bike keeps shining. Even if you drive a small sedan, you can fold up your mountain bike to fit in your trunk after a long day on the trails. And if you’re on a multi-day trip or taking a break, you don’t have to worry about leaving your bike in the parking lot –just fold it up and bring it with you.

For casual riders

Not looking for a daily ride or a mountain-climbing machine? You’ll still find plenty to enjoy about CHANGE bikes. Without a need to rely on trunk racks and bike-capable large cars, you can be free to drive any car to any safe riding area of your choice on a whim and have a great time on your full-sized, well geared bike.

There are also several frame sizes to fit riders of different heights and deliver an ergonomic ride, something many folding bikes don’t offer.

For those who live in small spaces or are reluctant to leave their bikes outdoors, the fully functional compact nature of CHANGE bikes cannot be beat. Full-sized wheels and better gearing make CHANGE bikes more than foldable – rather, they’re normal, durable, rugged bikes that happen to fold.

Do you like biking but hate the bulk? Maybe you’re looking for a bicycle that’s more convenient to store or take on trips? Visit and see how brilliant feats of precise engineering can create such a huge – small? – difference.

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