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Hydrating and relaxing. Now this is something I can get on board with! (Image: Holistique IV Lounge).

We visited the first IV Lounge in Washington state

I've (unfortunately) never been to Vegas but I've heard stories from my friends that one of the ways that they survived their Vegas hangovers was through the use of IV and oxygen bars.

So consider me intrigued when I learned that Bellevue was opening one of the first IV Lounges in Washington, the Holistique IV Lounge . Now this lounge isn't necessarily just for the hungover crowd (although, they do offer a Hangover drip, do take walk in appointments and are open on Saturdays, so take that as you will), they offer a HUGE variety of drips for so many different reasons including:

  • Hangover IV
  • Just Hydrate IV
  • Athletic Performer IV
  • Energizer IV
  • Immune Booster IV
  • Jet Setter IV
  • Detox IV
  • Beauty Bliss IV
  • Brain Power IV
  • Ultra Slim IV
  • Anti-Aging IV
  • Happy Mama IV

I decided to go for the immune booster IV because, a girl is BUSY! I usually take pretty good care of myself in general, but it can't hurt to add in some extra self care right? Each bag is made the morning of your appointment and has a shelf life of only a few hours - it's super fresh and made just for you.

You guys - it's so easy. All you do is decide which IV you want, book your appointment, show up and LOUNGE. Oh, and did I mention that some of the lounge chairs are massage chairs?! And I'm not talking some soft massage action - you can really crank that sucker up and get a deep shiatsu. Not entirely sure what a shiatsu is, but you know what I mean.

Not only are you hydrating and getting all these incredible vitamins, minerals and antioxidants but it's so relaxing. Think about adding this to your self care routine - you won't be disappointed.

The Holistique IV Lounge is located at 1200 116th Ave NE Ste. C.