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Incorporating workout moves that strengthen your quads, glutes, hamstrings and core will help ensure a strong ski season.  (Image: Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined)

The best workout to get in shape for ski season (yes, there are special moves to do)

Snow is already starting to fall in the mountains and ski resorts are opening early. Before you strap on your skis and grab your poles though, you need to ask yourself, are you in ski shape? Are your quadriceps ready to ride down the hills? Are your hamstrings steady? Is your core strong? Are your glutes in ski booty mode? If not, Seattle Refined has worked with Jill Perrigoue of Urban Monkey Fitness to share a workout that guarantees you'll be ready to tackle the mountain in no time! Perrigouge provides ski conditioning classes throughout the Seattle region to help people get ready to head down the mountain.

Ski season isn't just about having the right gear or perfect powder (though they do help), it is also about making sure your body is ready to take on the challenge of skiing. Incorporating workout moves that strengthen your quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and core muscles will help ensure a strong and injury-free season. The quadriceps can quickly fatigue if not properly trained so it is important to strengthen these muscle sets. Equally important are the hamstrings. Strong hamstrings provide overall leg stability and help protect against knee injuries. Skier booty or healthy glutes help provide the ultimate in knee stability so work on that booty! The core is vital to any sport. A strong core helps keep your body steady and can prevent injuries and falls.

Both of these workouts can be done without weights but for best results, snag a pair of dumbells to really build your strength.

Ski Conditioning Workout

This workout can be done in two different ways - Total Body or Endurance

Total Body - Do one exercise from the lower - upper - core categories for 45 seconds, then cardio for 30 seconds. Repeat until you've done all the listed moves.

Endurance - Start with one exercise from the lower category then do 30 seconds of cardio. Repeat though all lower then all upper and then all core.





  • Jump Rope
  • Ski Hops
  • Single Leg Hop
  • Up & Over Bosu

Bonus Butts & Guts Workout

Do two rounds of this workout. Start each workout with a solid warm-up and finish with a cool-down.

1st Round: Do 45 seconds for each exercise. Start with the Glutes moves then do 2 minutes of cardio (jump rope, run in place) before finishing with the Core moves.

2nd Round: 30 seconds each exercise of the Glutes and Core moves, straight through without cardo.