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(Image: John Prentice / Seattle Refined)

Gnomes! There's so much to gnow

In the late 1970's, a most unlikely book rose to the top of the bestseller list, "Gnomes."

The more than two hundred pages of this "non-fiction" reference-type book are filled with detailed descriptions of everything to do with gnomes. How they eat, sleep, make their signature pointy hats and more.

Written by Wil Huygen, illustrated by Rien Poorlviet and published here in the USA by The Peacock Press, this page-turner is brimming with beautiful, full-color artwork, diagrams and "Legends of the Gnomes," including some stories of human encounters with these tiny, resourceful and elusive creatures.

Of course, there is no way to fact-check this "non-fiction" work without asking a real gnome (if you find one, please write us) but, as long as you're not hung up on what is true and what isn't, "Gnomes" is a great read, fantastic coffee table book and (for those in certain circles) an indispensable field guide while combing the woods for signs of people who stand about 15cm tall and wear pointed felt hats.

Used copies are easier to find than a real gnome but range widely in value, from about ten bucks to several hundred dollars.

Gnomes! Who gnew?