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Summit celebration. Photo by Ida Vincent_.jpg
Summit celebration. (Photo by Ida Vincent)

Explore the amazing PNW with help from The Mountaineers

The Mountaineers aren't new, but they are fresh. This 115-year-old outdoor education and recreation organization is based here in western Washington. Name any self-propelled outdoor activity, like hiking, skiing, trail running, sailing, or climbing... and The Mountaineers likely offer a course for it.

Kristina Ciari, Membership and Communications Director for The Mountaineers, highlights the significance of spending time outdoors, "I think spending time outdoors, in whatever way that is meaningful to you, will make you a better, more fulfilled, happier person."

And who doesn't want that?

Whether you're a beginner or seasoned outdoor enthusiast, The Mountaineers provide everyone with opportunities to further engage in our beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Some outdoor enthusiasts take Mountaineers courses to meet other like-minded folks and future adventure buddies; some hope to overcome a fear or challenge themselves to try something new, and others want to level up their outdoor knowledge and skills.

According to Ciari, "We are known for getting people outside. We are also strong advocates for the outdoor experience. And we believe that all generations should have access to the outdoors."

Mountaineers courses are all volunteer-led. Ciari notes the volunteers "are passionate about getting outside and connecting other people to outdoor experiences."

When you take a course with The Mountaineers, you know that your instructor wants to guide you and your group in the outdoors. If you’re interested in taking a course, but aren’t sure if it’s a good fit for you, check out the course descriptions. You’ll find out what previous experience might be required, and what to expect during the course.

Are you curious about the outdoors, but intimidated about trying something new? Ciari reminds us, "We all were beginners once.”

Everyone has to start somewhere, and going with a seasoned instructor and other learners is a great place to start!

As a decades-old organization founded by white colonist men who considered the Pacific Northwest unmapped, The Mountaineers is actively working on equity issues, and learning how systemic injustices have been woven into their history.

Currently, they serve as the fiscal sponsor for Climbers of Color, they host a gear library, and work with a variety of school groups and nonprofit organizations to provide outdoor experiences.

From activities such as learning how to go hiking, perform sea kayak rescues, run on mountain trails, traverse alpine ice, or go bike-packing, The Mountaineers is a useful local resource for everyone who wants to get out and explore.

Check out course and membership options to see how you might join this community of explorers.

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