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Andrew ‘Durandy’ Golub is sharing his love of band Duran Duran with others through his Duranie Distractions on FB. (Image: Andrew Golub)

Duran Duran super fan creates 'Duranie Distractions' for fellow buffs

Refined first caught up with Andrew ‘Durandy’ Golub, local Duran Duran Archivist in 2017. He may be the world's biggest fan of of the band Duran Duran - and he has the memorabilia to back it up! Normally, Durandy opens 'The Archive' up for personalized tours for other Duran Duran fans, but with the current health crisis, that wasn't possible. So he thought of another way to share and celebrate Duran Duran with others.

Seattle Refined: Andy aka Durandy, you have what may be the world’s largest collection of Duran Duran memorabilia. We came to visit you a few years ago actually and you gave us a tour!
Andrew ‘Durandy’ Golub: Yes it was so cool! I had John Prentice over, it was amazing. He learned more about Duran than he ever wanted to know.

There may be a few people out there who may not realize some of the amazing songs that Duran Duran has produced and shared with the world.
'The Reflex' is a big one, 'Girls on Film', that was fantastic. 'There’s Planet Earth', 'Hungry Like the Wolf'.

You always loved sharing the collection with your fans ‘one on one’ - but recent events in the world have made that impossible. What have you been doing instead?
‘Duranie Distraction’ is my attempt to reach out to fans around the world, to comfort them through a very difficult time. Draw them in to a celebration of the band, do a little time travel give them a virtual hug across the miles.

It’s kind of like a live show right? That you’re doing twice a week?
My 'Duranie Distractions' are live on my Facebook Page [and on Durandy's YouTube Channel]. And I bring out memorabilia, and I go through it with them and I connect and just kind of travel together and we create this mutual love in and atmosphere and a hug. It’s really really special. We’re all there together.

You’re kind of giving your fans - or should I say Duran Duran fans - an opportunity to relieve their favorite memories as well?
I absolutely am. It’s one of the most profound things I could ever hope to - hear about. It doesn’t get more human and more real that this life of a Duranie. We’ve all been through stuff but we’re endured we’re here and we’re all in a together and we’re gonna get through this!

Why do you love Duran Duran so much?
I hear this from fans all the time. They have provided the sound track for my life. They’ve always been brave they’ve aways been like ground breaking and they offer something new.

How many items do you think you have in your collection?
If you could actual physical pieces like here’s one trading card, here’s another trading card, I would probably count about 75,000 - 80,000 pieces.

Can you show us just a few of your favorite items from the archive?
First one is a book of contact sheets. Contact sheets is one of the categories in here that’s extremely special because it allows fans to see things that they were never meant to see. This is an example of one. This is Nick Rhodes in a hotel room and yeah it has a real life of it’s own. This - it’s a platinum record award. It’s for the very first album which really just set the stage for Duran-da-monium across the planet.

Something that’s very near and dear to my heart - my very first book. Beautiful colors and posters of Duran Duran it chronicles the band’s history though rare posters from my archive. And I got a fully signed copy band from the band. Yeah it’s Nick Rhodes who I have a special affinity with he’s the fellow collector in the band. ‘For Andy you have created a collector’s item'!

Thanks so much for chatting with us today!
[Blows kiss] May the Duran be with you!