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Seattle's Durandy pays homage to Duran Duran 's 40th anniversary with coffee table book

Seattle's own Durandy pays homage to Duran Duran 's 40th anniversary with coffee tale book

Duran Duran might be one of the most well known bands of all time - with fans all over the globe. And right here in Washington, one super-fan has made it his mission to collect and preserve as much of the bands legacy as possible. And he's written a book about it.

He goes by “Durandy.” His collection is known as “The Archive.”

“With an emphasis on paper ephemera, the collection currently numbers in the thousands, ranging from the largest Subway-style posters to the smallest oddest artifacts, like a tiny toy pinball machine from Argentina. There are few limits to the Duran Duran merchandising machine, and I’m constantly amazed, amused, and energized by what I see out there. The only experience that rivals the joy of finding long-lost treasures is welcoming fellow Duranies [Duran Duran Fans] who travel great distances to spend time in the Archive,” Durandy said.

Durandy has spent decades scouring the earth for the rarest and coolest Duran Duran items and now you can see a bunch of them in his third book - Beautiful Colors: The Posters of Duran Duran an updated, super-sized version of his first book from 2012.

“I felt strongly about creating a second edition that didn’t just seem like the first one reproduced. I care a great deal about my fellow fans’ experience, and it was important to do everything possible to ensure that people who got the first book still felt like they truly had a limited edition. So, in addition to all the new Paper Gods posters, I went back into earlier chapters and swapped out several images for different ones, many of them recently acquired. In the end, I believe the book became a super-sized, ultra-upgraded success: the content grew to 300 pages, populated with 150 fresh posters, more reflections from band members, and a very special Afterword from someone close to the band,” Durandy said.

[Video: Refined visits Durandy's Duran Duran Archive]

Durandy said he feels ecstatic to have published a third book and hopes "Beautiful Colors: The Posters of Duran Duran" brings joy to people.

“I wanted the book to offer more than just a reading experience; Beautiful Colors is a comprehensive study of art, music, and photography, the stuff that coffee tables dream of,” Durandy said.

Beautiful Colors: The Posters of Duran Duran is available on Amazon.