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Dua Lipa brings the heat to Climate Pledge Arena with 'Future Nostalgia' tour

Dua Lipa is the literal embodiment of a superstar.

"Future Nostalgia" is a near-perfect record — the second studio album from this global sensation, released mere weeks into the pandemic that went on to win a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album. It spawned hits like "Don't Start Now" and "Levitating," and the only thing better than having these songs on repeat was hearing them in person after two years of only dreaming of it.

Climate Pledge Arena was on fire Thursday night when Lipa brought her "Future Nostalgia" tour to Seattle — a long-anticipated concert that did not disappoint. The hard work and dedication she has put into perfecting her performance skills are never more evident than when seeing her live on this tour. The choreography, the vocals and the ambiance all came together to create an electric evening that left the audience fulfilled, while simultaneously wanting more.

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Balloons fell from the ceiling during "One Kiss," some epic hair-flipping happened during "Future Nostalgia" and there were also rollerskaters on stage. With bright lights and even brighter outfits, it was all too impossible to keep your eyes off Lipa. And why would you want to, anyway?

My only critique would be why on Earth would you ever leave the masterpiece that is "Blow Your Mind" off the setlist?! But if I left with just that one critique, I would say Lipa did was she came to do.

Abby Luschei is the assistant editor of Seattle Refined and can be reached at Follow her on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

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