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Darrel the Doge is a local pup who took up skateboarding nine months ago, and how he's a star! (Image: @erinlynchphoto)

Edmonds pup is a bone-afide skateboarding sensation

When it comes to amazing animals, our area is truly top dog! From Dubs, the mascot for UW to Bunny, a Tacoma-based dog who "talks" - our four legged friends are pretty incredible. Our team at Seattle Refined also loves featuring fabulous local pets in our regular RUFFined Spotlight. Like his human Hailey Adair, Darrel the Doge has been 'working' from home since March. But Darrel is not one to rest. Instead, he's skating through life and delighting everyone along the way. Refined caught up with Darrel, the skateboarding sensation, and his mom.

Seattle Refined: Hailey Adair, you are Darrel the Doge’s human and he is of course a skateboarding sensation. He happens to also be a dog and you guys live right here in Edmonds. How did you discover Darrel’s passion for skateboarding?
Hailey Adair: When we very first rescued Darrel he wanted to be at work every day. And during the COVID pandemic he was bored out of his mind. We decided we needed something for him to do. And like any normal dog parent, we bought a skateboard!

The first time Darrel took to the skateboard, what was going through your mind?
He jumped on it right away absolutely no fear, no concern. And within about two days he was already pushing that thing around by himself.

So he kind of taught himself how to skateboard?
He absolutely did!

Tell me how he does it?
[At first] he was just doing the two feet. So eventually we actually upgraded our board to a real real skateboard. He started to go all four legs on there but his style is that he likes to put three feet on and then push with his little right back foot.

What do you think he’s feeling when he’s on the skateboard - like, what do you see as mom?
He just puts on this huge smile on his face you can tell he’s just concentrating and focused but so happy and proud of what he’s doing.

We know he’s a skateboarding whiz but that’s just the beginning.
He’ll 'sit pretty' and do certain tricks. He likes holding things in his mouth. He loves to do agility type things, jump through my arms jumping on my back all these sorts of things like that. We make our walks really fun by putting little tricks, mixing them having him do balance all sorts of parkour walks to mix it up.

He also seems to enjoy wearing sunglasses and costumes.
He loves putting on sunglasses and just trying to make people laugh and be silly.

Another part of who he is and I think it’s so beautiful is he’s kind of an advocate and a spokes-dog in a way.
I actually lost a couple family members to Alzheimers and dementia, and I work at the Alzheimers Association so he’s been involved in the walk and some of the other events to help raise funds and awareness to hopefully one day find a cure.

And somehow he also finds time to cohost a YouTube show!
We have a YouTube show called Fallen Morsels where Darrel is a co-host with my husband. Just another way that we hope to spread a little bit of happiness.

He’s obviously extremely handsome but what kind of breed is Darrel?

He is part pit bull, primarily, he is Pyrenese and Collie, Australian Shepard, cattle dog, Cocker Spaniel - just everything. We basically just call him 'Darrel breed' when people ask!

Why do you think people are so delighted by a dog on a skateboard?
It’s been weird year so I think having this little distraction this little just random thing to make people laugh to make people smile is just what people need.

Do you have any advice for us other dog owners whose dogs DON’T skate board yet?
Yes - start slowly and listen to your pup.

Need more Darrel the Doge? Check out his social media accounts on Instagram and TikTok as well as his YouTube channel.