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Bring on the weird! Holiday Shopping at Archie McPhee

Archie McPhee, Seattle's legendary joke shop, novelty emporium and rubber chicken museum has turned the holiday cheer up to twelve this year! The shelves are stocked with stocking stuffers sure make even the smuggest scrooge smile.

Inflatable Turkey

A true feast for the eyes with none of the hassle of cooking, calories or leftovers. This inflatable non-food turkey product is vegan, gluten-free and stays fresh for years. When it's time to talk turkey, The Archie McPhee inflatable turkey is a plastic-fantastic recipe for a memorable holiday meal. (Note: It is not advisable to inflate one of these on TV. See video for details)

Fun Flavor Candy Canes

From the people who brought you clam, kale and pickle flavored candy canes, come three exciting new varieties just in time for the holidays. Introducing "Pho," "Shiitake Mushroom" and "Ketchup." The red and white spiral design of Archie McPhee's "Ketchup" candy canes is nearly indistinguishable from the plain 'ol boring peppermint canes everyone sucks on this time of year. Makes a great gift - surprise someone you love with the taste of ketchup!

Conversation Ornaments

Like Santa always says, "If it can't be said with glittery, glass decorations, it's probably not worth saying." We're not sure what a smiling slice of bacon frying in a pan while covered in glitter would say - but you can buy this ornament at Archie McPhee. They stock a huge assortment of decorations for all tastes. Mmmmmm Bacon.

One Big Clucker

New and Improved! Bigger and Better! This is the top-of-the-line rubber chicken from the most trusted name in rubber chickens. Archie McPhee has implemented the latest chicken noise-maker-technology to create what may be the loudest plastic poultry in the world. Engineered from the ground up for maximum volume and sound duration this rubber chicken is sure to meet and exceed the expectations of even the most seasoned rubber chicken enthusiast. (Wanna hear it? Watch the video at the top of the page.)

Archie McPhee Puzzles

For the life-long Archie McPhee fan or puzzle-lover in your life, there is no greater gift than an image of whoopee cushions, finger monsters, collectable Archie McPhee Action figures or other treasures cut into tiny pieces and dumped in a box to be painstakingly reassembled over several hours. Family fun! For everyone!

Wanna see more products?!? Watch the video at the top of this page then check out the Archie McPhee website or visit their flagship store in Seattle.