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Clickity-Clack: Bremerton has TWO typewriter shops

If you are a typewriter fan or know someone who is, Bremerton is the place to get your fix. Literally. This small city is home to TWO typewriter shops, which is a lot! One specializes in repairs and the other "sales only" with a stock of hard-to-find models.

1) Bremerton Office Machine Co.

This place has been in business since 1947 and offers a wide range of typing machine repair services along with a small selection of typewriters for sale. The shop's current owner Paul Lundy is the sole employee, carrying on the work of his mentor and predecessor Bob Montgomery. From a simple cleaning, specialty ribbon replacement or heavier restoration work, Lundy is your guy. Bremerton Office Machine Co. is always very busy, so the sooner you drop off your machine, the better chance it'll be ready when you need to write a letter, poem or your first novel.

2) Typewriter Fever

The new kid on the block, Typewriter Fever is the passion project of Don Feldman. He is a typewriter connoisseur who had about six hundred typewriters in his collection...until his wife kindly asked him to sell a few. Now, he has his own shop and loves connecting people with the perfect typewriter for them. The adjoining typewriter museum and QWERTY cafe are spaces for typewriter buffs to show off their machines, grab a cup of joe, check out his rarest machines and type away without anyone complaining about the clickity-clack. Here, it's music.