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(Image:{ }Richard Schmitz)
(Image:{ }Richard Schmitz)
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New Central District plant nursery is a small business with deep roots

The corner of 23rd and Jackson serves as a main junction in the Central District, and on this corner at 2311 is a small business with deep roots in this neighborhood.

booSH (pronounced ‘bush’) is the Central District’s new plant nursery, and so much more.

The Black-owned plant shop opened its doors to this intimate, 520 square foot space on Juneteenth of this year with one goal in mind: to enrich lives through plant gifting and ownership.

As owner Shawn showed us around his small indoor jungle, he explained his goals.

“Every decision we make here goes back to that mission statement," he said. “It is just what being part of a community is about."

His sincerity shows. booSH keeps the price points low and carry smaller-sized plants that are easy to gift. They'll even pot up your plant for free, even if you didn't buy it there .

Shawn grew up in the Central District himself, and couldn't think of a better place to begin a small business. booSH is family-run, with Shawn's daughter working as the general manager and other family helping out when they can.

One area Shawn is especially passionate about (besides plants), is “removing the barrier for people wanting to start a small business or move their business from a pop-up format to a shop format. They need community and capital for that”. The staff at booSh hope it can be both for similar businesses in this area.

With people spending so much more time at home now, Shawn said “plants add an aesthetic to anyone’s environment. They are pretty but also can be thought of as art.” He suggests looking around your space and utilizing whatever is already there - like placing a few books on a table with a small plant or situating a floor plant alongside a lamp. Really, almost any decor can be dressed up with some greenery.

I think we can all agree, indoor plants may be easy on the eyes but they are also beneficial for our health. Studies have shown plants have a positive effect on our indoor air quality as well as improving our moods. If you place one in your office space, it just may increase your productivity as well! At booSh, they can help you decide on the perfect plant for your space based on a few criteria.

  • First, Shawn suggests deciding on the location of the plant - this is crucial. Will it be near a window with a great deal of light? Or will it only receive overhead room light?
  • Then consider pets and animals who also occupy this space - some plant varieties are poisonous to pets.
  • Next, how often are you home? Will you be able to care for and water your plants weekly, bi-weekly? The number one mistake plant parents make is overwatering.

The staff at booSh offer helpful tips for any plant situation which might arise in your household, and they are happy to help you find the perfect plant, plant accessory, or pot - even if they have to special order it.

At the end of the day, booSh is passionate about two things: plants and being a community-based store. And as far as we can tell, they are already growing into their mission and enriching the lives of the Central District neighborhood through plant ownership.

booSH is located at 2311 S Jackson Street. They are open Tuesday through Saturday 11:00-7:00 pm and Sunday 11:00-4:00 pm, closed on Mondays and can be reached at (206) 491-8560.