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The Lodges at Vashon (Image: Lisette Wolter-McKinley / Seattle Refined)

3 great places to work (or learn) remotely

Now that many of us have traded in our offices for a few dozen steps from where we sleep, we find ourselves craving a change of scenery. Between working remotely and many children continuing to learn remotely, many of us are experiencing greater flexibility in our schedules and perhaps a better work/life balance than ever before.

With this newfound freedom, we have been allowed to change our scenery as frequently as we want or as often as our pocketbooks allow. Lunch and break time have never looked more fun, spontaneous or adventurous. Whether you are working remotely from an island, the mountains, waterside, or a different state, the possibilities are endless as to how much relaxation you can pack in during your workweek. Here are a few places which are piquing our interest and calling our name during this "work from home" period in our lives.

How does flying a kite, riding a bike, or building a sandcastle on your lunch break sound?

Seabrook, WA

For those who enjoy the slower pace of life, the beach is the place to go. From the calming nature of waves and sea air to the charm of a small town, look no further than Seabrook. Seabrook is arguably one of Washington's favorite little beach towns. With dozens of homes offering everything from ocean views to hot tubs, movie theater rooms, bunk bedrooms, covered porches and fire pits, there is something for everyone in your family of two or ten. Take your children down to the beach on your lunch break and sit back and relax as they burn off all their extra energy through sandcastle making or kite flying chasing. Feel your muscles relax as you soak in your hot tub or take in the morning fog with the calming backdrop of the beach. Whether you enjoy an easy pizza night from Frontager's or unwind by whipping up a four-course meal in one of their gourmet kitchens, you will easily find yourself contemplating how to make this way of life an everyday occurrence. When the hardest decision you have to make at the end of a workday is horseshoes or roasting s'mores, you know it will be a good day.

How does working with the sky above you in a geodesic dome or picnicking at the beach by a lighthouse?

The Lodges on Vashon

Whisk yourself off to an island, Vashon Island, to be exact. Revel in the lack of crowds, traffic, stop lights and crowds at the beach. Kick back in the sanctuary of your light and bright, minimalist room, or spend the day working in a geodesic dome. Enjoy a refreshing outdoor shower to start your day, watch deer roam by your window while you work, and pick from a handful of beautiful beach walks after work. Studies have shown both an increase in productivity and creativity when spending time in nature or a change of scenery. Why not double your odds and do both?! Unwind at night with a drink in one hand and a bean bag in the other as you play lawn games while your dinner grills on the BBQ. Enjoy quiet mornings with no lines for coffee or pastries and picnic lunches with Mount Rainier as your backdrop. There is nothing quite like a getaway so close to home and yet so far.

What about fly fishing along a river, sitting by a cozy fire between conference calls, or learning how to throw an ax during your lunch sound?

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Sage Lodge in Pray, Montana

How do jaw-dropping scenery, spacious and luxurious accommodations, and is located just a hop, skip and a jump from the Yellowstone River sound? Sage Lodge is what all your outdoor adventure dreams are made of, from ax throwing and fly-casting classes to yoga and stargazing. In addition to being located in Montana's Paradise Valley, it is a mere 30 minutes from Yellowstone National Park. Guests can choose between comfortable and roomy lodge rooms or luxurious free-standing ranch houses. Ranch houses sleep up to 16 guests and include full kitchens, dining and living areas and indoor/outdoor fireplaces. In the ranch house, there is room for everyone to seamlessly both work and play without getting in each other's way. Whether you like gourmet room service, dining at one of their two restaurants, or making your own meals, there are many dining options when staying in a ranch house at Sage Lodge.

Walk around the casting pond while taking a client call or book a fly-fishing excursion or scenic rafting trip on your lunch break. There are not enough hours in the day to soak up all the amazing adventures offered at Sage Lodge. When you've exhausted yourself with fun, pop over to the spa for a facial or massage to give yourself the pick-me-up you deserve. There is a reason Montana is known as Big Sky country, and with just a day's worth of driving or a short flight, you can be so far removed from your everyday life you will wake up feeling refreshed and contemplating how you can trade in your tennis shoes for hiking boots more often.

Disclaimer: While some products, services and/or accommodations in this post were provided without charge, all of the opinions within are those of the author and the Seattle Refined editorial board.