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True Life: I got an astrology birth chart reading for my 5-year-old

The idea that I could get to know my own child through her astrology chart is brand new to me, and nothing I had thought of before. But, according to local astrologer and healer Ashley McFarland, it's an important part of your parenting toolkit.

McFarland's company Shift + Shine is all about helping others find their strengths and live their best life, including helping parents be the best version of ourselves. She offers Astrology Birth Chart Readings for anyone and everyone, including your child's.

"This session is for you to understand more about about your child and the ways in which they naturally operate," she said. "We take time to look at the energy patterns your child came into the world with and how you can better understand and more consciously parent."

To be completely transparent, astrology is something I never really got into, and I know very little about it. But as a mom to a five-year-old girl who's extremely strong-willed, determined, opinionated and kind...I was super curious what more McFarland had to share. Look, after a year of limited childcare (and patience), I'll take all the parenting advice I can get.

The process was super easy. Ahead of the session, I sent McFarland my daughter June's date and location of birth, and the exact time, to the minute, she was born. If any of you have ever gotten your charts read, this is the exact same.

Having no idea what I was going into beforehand, I have to admit that this was SUPER fun! When McFarland shared her screen of the birth chart (because of course we did this on Zoom), I was thinking...what the heck is this? But she took me through each step and explained everything on it.

"The birth chart is a snapshot in time of where the planets were the moment you took your very first breath. From an astrological perspective, what is happening up above in the celestial landscape is also happening down below on earth," she said. "Through that lens, based on where the planets were and who they were interacting with I can provide insight and guidance into who you are and how you are naturally wired to be in this life. Nothing I’m going to tell you about your child is something you don’t already know, it’s reaffirming information."

The blue lines indicate energy patterns that come with talent, gift, opportunity and ease.

"The red lines show energy patterns that indicate lessons, challenges, obstacles, setbacks and delays. Analyzing each of these lines and how they are interconnected tells a story and provides further insight into who you are. "

Insider tip...don't start off the session by counting the number of red lines you see, you can't change it. I asked.

The session took about 90 minutes and flew by. I already knew that my daughter marches to the beat of her own drum, that she's a feisty girl that likes things HER way - but that she's also gentle and kind. McFarland hit on all these points and more. I walked away with a really important reminder that I often times can lack patience, and that's something my child needs and deserves. I've been reflecting on our session ever since and how it's helping me be more in tune with who my daughter is and how I can support her growth. My little firecracker was made to shine, it's in the stars after all!

Since the moment I knew my daughter was coming into this world I dreamed about the kind of person she'd be and things she'd do in this life. In a way, having a birth chart reading felt like an extension of the initial excitement that comes with being a parent. It truly melted my heart.

McFarland offers a variety of services including group sessions, sounds like the best party ever! To book a session, visit