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(Image: The Style Witch/Mandee Rae and styled by Lindsey Fish)

Holiday How-To's: 6 Hairdos to Celebrate In Style

It's time to bust out your finest and festive holiday garb! Now that you've got your outfit sorted, we've enlisted some of our favorite stylists from The Style Witch in Fremont, to help us with the most perfect hairdos to accompany any holiday or New Year's Eve parties!

1. Beachy & Messy Bed Head Waves

Winter is coming, but that does not mean to forget about beachy and messy bed head waves - this is a look that's around to stay! Use your favorite hot tool to curl waves away from your face remembering to keep the ends straight. Dress up this look for the holidays by adding a super straight part by using a tail comb. Pull back one side away from the face and stack sparkly bobby pins. Typically you'd want to hide your bobby pins but in this look, you want to showcase them. Go crazy in over lapping them, it’s your time to shine!

2. Super Sexy Star Spangled Updo

Pull your hair into three ponytails to create the mohawk section. In this case, we then used Oway's Boho Pomade to shape and separate the curls and pinned them into place. Dress it up big time with star clips and star hairpins. You cannot go overboard with sparkle this time of year!

3. Messy Version of the Classic French Twist

You know what they say... the higher the hair the closer to heaven! Throw caution to the wind this holiday season. You do you! We did a messy version of the classic French twist. Lots of teasing and hairspray in the crown. Pro tip: don't try to make it too perfect remember it's a messy look. Finish this look with a colorful headband. This particular headband is from Zara.

4. Sleek & Glam

Sleek is so glam! Start with a super straight middle part and use hair spray and pomade to smooth hair back into a super sleek low pony. Dress up this fairly basic low ponytail with gold string from the craft store. Macrame has been all the rage so we figured let's introduce macrame to our ponytail. Attach string to the base of the ponytail and wrap around four times. Pull out a small section of the ponytail on each side and wrap four times around. Continue this down the ponytail until desired effect is achieved.

5. Big Gorgeous Curls

Start with a super straight middle part and then used a curl cream on soaking wet hair. Twist small sections all over the head and let the hair dry completely. Once fully dry, separate the curls and lift the hair at the roots. We made a sparkly star run way out of hair pins. Line them down both sides of the part to really dress this up. Go big or go home!

6. The Wet Look

This sleek style is so elegant and polished. You've seen it on celebs and it's perfect to ring in the New Year! Start with a super straight and deep part. Comb gel through soaking wet hair and let it dry. We decided to add in a wet finger wave set. Knock it out of the ballpark by adding glitter to your gel. Finish this look with a Smokey eye and nude glossy lips.