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Fashion Week - Bellevue Collection Style. From local designers to celebrities (Rachel Zoe!) here were our favorite parts of the almost week long event. (Image: Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined)

What we see on the runways vs. what we see on the streets

Runway shows are fun, no doubt about it. But how many of those styles we see are actually wearable on the streets of Seattle? We took a hard look, using recent Bellevue Fashion Week as an example. Fall trends hit the runway at Bellevue Fashion Week.

Some of the things we saw most during the various shows associated with the Bellevue Collection Fashion Week were ponchos, scarf-like blouses, fur-accented jackets, and lace. Think kind of "70s chic", incorporating low necklines and flowing dresses with suede and all over grey. Headbands as accessories and a natural, fresh-faced glow is the makeup must-have of the season.

While the trends on the runways were a little edgier, Seattleites attending the event played it safe with their styles (color-blocking, leather pants) and just generally were a little more covered up than their model counterparts; scarves, high boots and sweaters.

The runway trends we think won't be hitting Seattle anytime soon?

  • Super low neck lines (too cold for that here!)

  • Shoes covered in fur (hello, wet pet smell!)

  • Ponchos (seeing this everywhere else, but not Seattle yet)

  • Ttweed takeover' - an actual trend happening elsewhere but hasn't hit the PNW yet

The one style that is hot here? All Grey Everything! No, we're not just talking about the skies.

"With the grey trend you can do it with anything; nothing really clashes with grey," said Vogue Market Stylist Cara Crowley. "I think that is the one universally that everyone could actually wear."

She suggests layering another easy trend of adding a pop of color to make the trend stand out.