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New season, new you! Try these hair trends for Fall (Image: Mandee Rae of Style Witch)

Top 5 Hair Trends for Fall


Whether or not you are ready, your wardrobe and hair probably are! It's time to start thinking about those fall trends and styles, and with a little help from the Style Witch in Fremont, we present you: The Top 5 Hair Trends for Fall. Feel free to bookmark this article for inspo at your next hair appointment.

1. Center Part

Sometimes you don't need a huge change to switch up a look pretty drastically. This look can be playful or sophisticated. Use a rat tail comb to make sure the part is straight and use a light hold hairspray to smooth down fly-a-ways.

2. Curtain Bangs

The curtain bang is the perfect addition to go along with that center part. Curtain bangs are soft and blend into the face framing. Think Brigitte Bardot. This look is killer with a high top knot, and high or low pony.

3. Tousled Waves

Not so perfect, loose, very natural looking movement. To style either scrunch with styling product such as Oway Boho Pomade and air dry, or curl with an iron away from the face and shake the waves loose.

4. Hair Accessories

They are really in this season. You’ll see claw clips (think 1996), barrettes, hair pins, head bands, and bows. Pick them up thrifting, in boutiques, or the good ole' modern way - Amazon.

5. Shags

This cut is back and like it or not and it’s all the rage! Face framing, short layers and longer length. We’re seeing it on long, medium, and shorter hair. This cut is perfect for the loose wave look, and it’s so rock star!