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Don't make your skincare routine about your skin type or your age. Make it about your location!

The skincare routines to follow in every climate

You will never walk into the skincare aisle and find a product that says, "One Size Fits All." Traditionally, skincare products have been marketed for different skin types, such as dry, oily, or sensitive. Skin also tends to deteriorate as you age, which creates even more obstacles in your battle for clear, healthy skin.

Now, forget everything you've been told about skincare. The most important factor isn't the type of skin you have or how old you are. It's your location! Pour Moi is the first and only patented Climate-Smart Skincare in the world, making it your No. 1 source for the skincare routine you need in your life. They offer six climate-specific moisturizing day creams that are customized to where you live.

Climate 1: Temperate

What it is: Temperate climates are the most balanced, and your skin rejoices in it! Mild temperatures help your skin relax so it doesn't have to respond to extreme conditions.

Challenges: Pollution, allergens, overcast skies that magnify UV rays, intermittent precipitation, dehydrating wind

How it helps: The temperate day cream allows your skin to take full advantage of the mild weather conditions so that it's prepared for any sudden changes.

Climate 2: Marine

What it is: The combination of below-average temperatures and above-average humidity in marine climates can block your pores while also telling your body to decrease its natural oil production. The result is skin that feels both greasy and dry. Cloud cover and adjacent bodies of water are also common, which means your skin is susceptible to harmful sun rays that are magnified by the clouds and reflected by the water.

Challenges: Cool temperatures, high humidity, pollution, allergens, overcast skies that magnify UV rays

How it helps: The marine day cream contains essential vitamins to fight aging and free radicals. It is also designed to detoxify UV stress and restore your skin from the damage it endures in this climate.

Climate 3: Tropical

What it is: Tropical climates feature hot temperatures, humidity, and heavy air. This combination is one of the worst nightmares for your skin because your body's natural reaction to heat is sweat. In humid air, sweat sticks to the skin, combining with oil produced as a result of the skin becoming hot. This leads to clogged pores, not to mention severe sun damage from intense UV rays.

Challenges: UV rays, skin's natural response to the combination of heat and high humidity

How it helps: The tropical day cream is focused on moisture balance, exfoliation, and protecting against free radicals. This cream is light and airy, the exact opposite of what your skin experiences daily in the tropics.

Climate 4: Polar

What it is: This intensely cold climate forces the skin's blood vessels to do double work because they have to transport warm blood to organs while keeping some for themselves. Once the temperature drops below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, the body reduces blood flow to the skin. When this occurs, blood vessels expand and cause the skin to look red. Skin also struggles to hold moisture because of the lack of humidity in polar climates.

Challenges: Cold temperatures, dry air, low humidity

How it helps: The polar day cream promotes hydration and moisture balance while replenishing oils and calming the skin's reactions to the harsh elements.

Climate 5: Desert

What it is: Moisture is scarce and direct sunlight is common in desert climates. Your skin is vulnerable to harmful UV rays while it begs for water to stay hydrated. Dead skin cells can build up over time, and free radicals can cause inflammation, age marks, and dark spots.

Challenges: Dry air, intense heat, harmful UV rays, pollution

How it helps: The desert day cream is an extra-hydrating formula that helps reduce age spots, block free radicals, and brighten dull skin.

Climate 6: Mountain

What it is: The higher the elevation, the harder it is for your skin to hold onto water molecules. You're also closer to the sun's harmful rays. Your skin will struggle the most in mountain climates.

Challenges: Elevation, thin and dry air, extreme temperatures, UV rays

How it helps: The mountain day cream traps moisture inside the skin, protects against UV rays, hydrates your skin, and reduces dark spots and redness.

Don't forget to change your skincare routine when you travel, too. Throwing a small bottle of moisturizing lotion in your bag won't be enough to match where you're going.

For a beautiful, radiant, smooth, youthful complexion, trust in the years of research that support skincare based on your zip code! Pour Moi founder Ulli Haslacher made it possible by taking the observations she made from watching her father travel as an outdoor powder coating painter. She realized how the various climates affected the surface underneath the paint and then applied the same concept to skincare, leading to the groundbreaking skincare products you can now enjoy.

Pour Moi Climate-Smart Skincare was awarded TIME Magazine's 100 Best Inventions of 2020 in the beauty category! If you want to learn how to take the next step in your skincare routine, visit them online at Find the day cream that's best for you by clicking here.