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(Image: Courtesy of Hyatt Regency Lake Washington)

'Float Away' at Spa at the Lake in Renton with this body treatment

This is the kind of floating that won't make you seasick.

We love to try beauty and spa treatments here at Seattle Refined, and we just couldn't resist the Float Away Experience at Spa at the Lake. This spa is located at the Hyatt Regency Lake Washington in Renton, which boasts beautiful views of the lake with the Seattle skyline just visible in the background.

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They offer a variety of face, massage and body treatments, including the Float Away Experience — where you lay down on a water float pillow while getting a body scrub on your back, arms and legs, as well as a moisturizing scalp treatment.

It's meant to replicate the relaxation and tranquility of the lake. And it does! It felt like laying on a water bed of sorts but more stable. The back scrub was lovely, which was also applied to my hands, arms, feet and calves. This isn't a full-body or deep tissue massage, but after the scrub, they applied body oil and massaged that in, which, paired with the float pillow, was divine. The scalp treatment was essentially a leave-in conditioner, leaving my hair feeling very soft and shiny the next day.

Overall, if you are looking for a spa treatment different from just a massage, the Float Away Experience is definitely something to consider. It's $170 for a 60-minute session and can be booked online.

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