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(Image: Pretty Parlor)

Seattle's kinda a hub for the 'Retro Glam' trend. And we love it

When you heard the words 'retro' and 'glam', what comes to mind? For me it's bombshell pinups, Mad Men-era style, cherry prints, vintage high-waisted swimsuits, lush waves and red lips.

We're not reintroducing the wheel here - this trends been around awhile and its not going anywhere. But it IS getting better. Seattle is a becoming Retro Glam Hub (RGH - we just made that up), filled with darling boutiques and unique pieces available to help you achieve that perfect, classic look. Here's a roundup of places to shop that will surely take you back to the old Hollywood days when leading ladies like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn ruled the red carpet.

#1. Pretty Parlor

This vintage boutique on Cap Hill carries lovely styles from the 1920s through the 1990s. Alongside the vintage marvels is a darling selection with sizes ranging up to 3X. You’ll also find the craftwork of Seattle’s top independent designers. Plus they have a bridal section that screams old-school Hollywood! You can shop in person or online, but I have to say the storefront alone is enough to draw you inside.

#2. Lucky Vintage

This spot encompasses Retro Glam with a modern twist. You'll find locations in both Ballard as well as the U-District, and each shop is different with new items added daily. If you have vintage treasures you want to sell, Lucky Vintage will check them out. P.S., to them, vintage means 20+ years old.

#3. Le Frock

Le Frock in the Capitol Hill neighborhood has been around for more than 20 years. Just look at this 1950s sequin and chiffon dress with pom pom stole, and current Valentino fringe raffia shift dress. I mean, OMGEEEEE. Loosely translated, Le Frock means "the dress" or "the clothes" in French. This shop also buys and consigns new and gently used both contemporary and vintage men’s and women’s designer clothing and accessories.

#4. Atlas Clothing

Atlas is a retail store that specializes in mostly 50s cocktail dresses, but you’ll also find vintage items from the 20s through the 80s for both men and women. They also have an Etsy shop where handmade designer items like dresses, rompers, pants, hats, jackets and accessories are sold.

#5. Nordstrom

Yes - the mothership, aka Nordstrom, is totally bringing it when it comes to Retro Glam - especially when it comes to vintage/retro-inspired swimsuits. These items are not the real deal (OBVI) or truly vintage, but they sure do look the part.

Scroll through the gallery for some Retro Glam inspiration!