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From stunning gowns to sparkly bags. Stylish boots to beautiful baubles. If it shines or shimmers - you can probably find it at Seattle Goodwill Glitter Sale! (Photo: Seattle Goodwill)

Seattle Goodwill's Glitter Sale SPARKLES with incredible finds

From stunning gowns to sparkly bags... stylish boots to beautiful baubles. If it shines or shimmers - you can probably find it at Seattle Goodwill's Glitter Sale!

Katherine Boury gave us the 4-1-1 on all the fun. "For the past 35 years, Seattle Goodwill has gathered a lot of a designer, vintage, one of a kind unique pieces together and put it all under this one sale called the Glitter Sale."

There are so many incredible finds here. "We've got clothing, designer unique vintage one of a kind shoes accessories . This year we have some of the largest collection of designer we've had."

There's also menswear, jewelry (SO much AMAZING jewelry) and a large collection of fur coats.

But before you navigate this event - here are a few tips.

Glitter Sale Tips

  1. Think layers, since the room gets really really warm
  2. Since there aren't any dressing rooms - wear yoga pants or a leotard.
  3. Bring water and a power bar - this is the kind of sale you'll want to stay at for a few hours.
  4. Consider taking public transportation, carpooling or using a ride service - parking is limited.

This will be the final year for the Glitter Sale. "We have raised over 3 million dollars in the last 35 years that goes to help job training and education. So this year the 36th year will be our final Farewell Glitter Sale," explained Boury.

But don't worry - the glitter's not going away!

"You can still come shop our stores and we'll have a lot of the amazing pieces in there."

Seattle Goodwill's Farewell Glitter Sale will be Saturday Nov 9th - Sunday Nov 10th from 9 am to 6 pm.