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(Image: Seattle Refined)

Seattle named the #1 best 'U.S. City for Ageless Skin in 2022'

Looking for that healthy skin glow? Move to Seattle, apparently!

Beauty and lifestyle magazine Sunday Edit ranked the United States' 50 most populous cities on eight factors to determine the best U.S. cities for healthy skin. And Seattle came out on top at #1.

Sunday Edit used factors like UV Index, average cigarette use, number of medspas and dermatologists to compile the list.

"With an average UV index of 2, even though Seattle doesn't experience a lot of intense UV rays, 43% of their residents still regularly wear sunscreen anyway, which could be a significant reason why they soared to the top of our list of cities with younger-looking skin," the report stated.

"Another factor that Seattle fared well in was how little of its residents smoked. Only 12% of adults smoke cigarettes, which is less than the national average. Additionally, according to Google Trends data, a lot more people than average search for nearby botox providers so they can appear wrinkle-free for longer."

You can read the full report online.