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(Image L to R: Elena Zytnicki / Elizabeth Crook for Seattle Refined)

Seattle Academy seniors make shirts of local murals to raise money for COVID relief

They're scattered throughout Seattle — murals of hope and positivity aimed at bringing us together during this unprecedented time.

We've seen them in Capitol Hill, Ballard, the International District, Belltown and, honestly, just about everywhere. Artists are rallying together with business owners to beautify boarded-up restaurants and shops all around us — and we LOVE it!

They were also the inspiration for two Seattle Academy students' senior project.

Lifelong Ballard residents Max Torres and Elena Zytnicki created a t-shirt company, Community Threads, raising money for Ballard Food Bank and Mary's Place. With permission from the artists, the two classmates used their photographs of murals as the designs for the t-shirts.

"We created our company around the idea of creating unique wearable designs reflecting the impact of coronavirus and the needs of our community," said Torres, "one shirt at a time."

All profits from sales will go toward the Ballard Food Bank and Mary's Place, the seniors said.

Not only do these shirts raise money for COVID-19 relief, but they also highlight and expose the incredible art being made right now by local artists. You can purchase a shirt and learn more about the project on their website and Instagram.