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The clothing subscription every Seattle parent needs to know about

A local mom recently launched a business that ALL parents need to know about.

It's called Relovable, a Seattle based subscription service that delivers gently used clothes to your door, and picks up all the clothes your kids are done with. GENIUS.

Why didn't I think of this!

Shauna Causey started Relovable when she realized how quickly her child was growing. To keep up, (and not break the bank) she bought clothes and toys from other local families (Facebook and Buy Nothing sound familiar?) But, finding a good match for clothes and coordinating the pick up took a lot of time.

Cue - Relovable with the ultimate goal being helping local families save time and money. And anyone can sign up!

"Get on the website [and] answer just a few questions about your kiddo. Then we'll hand pack a box of 8-12 items in your kiddo's size and style. There is no charge for the clothes; there's simply a 19.99 per box styling and delivery fee," said Causey. "The Relovable team will deliver directly to your door. While we're at your house, we'll also pick up any clothes, books and toys you're ready to have another family re-love. So you can think of it as a massive clothing, book, and toy exchange with your community. We keep in touch periodically via text message to check in and see if your kiddo's style preferences or size has changed. Customers can sign up to receive a box once a month, once every other month or once per quarter."

So far, Seattle parents are loving it.

"We did a lot of research and beta testing and finally launched the service in August," said Causey. "Within two weeks, we had 50 customers who signed up and we knew we were on to something. We started thinking about adding more features and a bigger service area. Relovable is now serving customers across the Seattle market. Fifty percent of all the items we get from families go to families who are on scholarships or can't afford the basics for their kids. Based on demand, Relovable now picks up and delivers bigger items like strollers, car seats, cribs, and Pack-N-Plays."

And don't worry, there's quality control.

"We have two stylists who handpick items and only include items in the boxes that are in excellent condition. If the item is faded, has piling, looks worn, or for any reason isn't in excellent condition, we won't include it" says Causey.

This service is currently offered to parents from Edmonds all the way to Burien, but Causey says she does plan on expanding.

"We have a lot of demand in the Mercer Island [and] Bellevue area so we're looking at expanding [there] next. We've also expanded the offering for a few dollars more each month, customers can opt in for science kits and fun activities to do with their kids that are included in the boxes."

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