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(Image courtesy of LUSH /@lushcosmetics)

Fresh ingredients and packaging free, LUSH Cosmetics is the [bath] bomb

As soon as you step inside LUSH Handmade Cosmetics, you know you're in someplace special. The shapes, colors and scents of their products are downright dazzling. But that's just the beginning!

"LUSH is a company that thrives on innovation and intention, so we invent a lot of our own products that includes things like bath bombs, shampoo bars, and we do a lot of things that are packaging free," said Ciaran Rhodes, the manager at the Bellevue Store.

Part of their mission is handmade products featuring fruit, flowers, herbs, veggies and more.

"We use the freshest possible ingredients. Fresh is our middle name. That also means we are sourcing as ethically as possible and that means working with the farmers and making sure the [crops] are being treated fairly along the way. It also ensures that we include no animal testing," said Rhodes.

And those delicious smelling little bath bombs? Those were invented by LUSH.

"We invented them about 30 years ago. One of our products inventors, Mo Constantine, was seeking to create something for the bath that would be gentle on the skin and was inspired by Alka Seltzer tablets," said Rhodes.

A bath bomb is used as a skin softening soak. Toss one in a full tub and it will completely fizz away.

"They're layered with gorgeous colors and fragrances so that way you get a really unique experience every time," said Rhodes. "But what they are essentially doing is creating a softening and soothing experience for you skin."

Not only are they sourcing conscientiously, but they are helping the environment by limiting their plastic packaging.

"We invented these because we wanted a way to use a shampoo for you that didn't require any packaging and using those fresh and natural ingredients that we love so much," said Rhodes.

30 years after creating the bath bomb - imagination, ingenuity and dedication to using fresh ingredients have proven to be the winning formula for LUSH.