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(Image: Ali Sabet)

Live Raffle: Custom shoes designed by Seattle BIPOC artists

Your next pair of shoes could be more than meets the eye.

MDRNALT (Modern Alternative) is a sustainable shoe company launched by a small but mighty team of three in Seattle. Its main product is a hemp and cork sneaker that uses 75% less water to produce than the average canvas sneaker. The goal? To reimagine shoe production and fast fashion.

Sustainable shoe production has been their mission for the past two years, and now, for the first time, the company's launching a new campaign. "Walk In Our Shoes" is a raffle & fundraiser highlighting BIPOC artists and giving back to the community through a local nonprofit.

Abbas Hussaini, founder of MDRNALT, said they wanted to do something to give back to Seattle during the coronavirus pandemic. Several pairs of custom-designed shoes will be raffled off and the money raised will go toward the nonprofit, Seattle Foundation. Each shoe has been designed by BIPOC artists including Marla Bonner, Malcolm Procter, Ali Sabet and Barry Johnson.

Each of these artists is from or based in Seattle — you might have passed murals downtown created by Procter. Johnson was one of more than a dozen artists who made the famed "Black Lives Matter" mural on the street in Capitol Hill — he designed the "E." Sabet is a painter and designer known for his "Lovescript," a collection of symbols that turned into his own language.

Individually, these artists designed their own custom shoes. Like Bonner, who's shoes are bright blue with a cloud design.

"These shoes are heavily influenced by my love of anime and manga," Bonner said. "I used high contrast colors so the shoes would make a statement even from a distance."

Each shoe is one of a kind — people who are interested in participating in the raffle can purchase a MDRNALT sticker online to be entered. The more you buy, the more entries you get.

The "Walk In Our Shoes" raffle goes live on July 13 and closes July 20; a winner will be chosen July 21. Visit for more information.