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Style Board from my Nordstrom Stylist, loved these picks! (Image: Nordstrom App)

I went shopping with a virtual stylist, and now I'm never leaving my house again

So much has changed since COVID-19, including the way we shop.

Nordstrom is open for in-person shopping with safety precautions in place, but for those who aren't ready to venture out just yet, the department store has come up with a virtual solution to get you your shopping fix; a one-on-one appointment with a virtual stylist. While many things just aren't the same (and sometimes worse) when done virtually...this was surprisingly not one of them.

Shopping is one of my favorite things to do, so I truly didn't know what to expect when I tried this out. BUT - I tried, it, I loved it and I'm legit never leaving my house again to go shopping, unless it's to pick up something curbside.

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I have to admit, leading up to the appointment I was hesitant. Is this just another Zoom? I can't try anything on? Do I stand in front of a camera and spin in a circle? Is this going to be awkward?

Nope, it was awesome. As soon as I started talking with my stylist Molly, I felt immediately at ease and I promise you, it felt like I was shopping with a girlfriend just like the good old days pre-pandemic.

Here's how it works:

  • Schedule a virtual styling appointment online. You can also use the Nordstrom app to streamline things
  • Attend the appointment via Zoom to connect with your stylist, to tell them more about your style. Once you talk about you and your needs, your stylist will walk you through some picks that are available in the store and online
  • Your stylist will then send you over some Style Boards with picks based on your conversation. My stylist even sent Style Boards for my daughter, which I loved. She also showed me several looks she pulled in the dressing room so I could really get a feel for the items.
  • You can order any items you love directly from the Style Boards online. As always, Nordstrom offers free shipping, curbside pickup and in-store pickup for online orders
  • Once you receive your items, you can follow-up with your stylist and they will be able to help you assess fit and give you styling and outfitting tips.

Here 's an example of part of a Style Board my stylist Molly sent me. Each board typically has nine items, and these were a few of my favorites:

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I loved the ideas my stylist shared. There were so many things I wouldn't pick out for myself that I really enjoyed. Out of everything I ordered only one thing didn't fit. I let my stylist know and she sent alternate ideas my way that day.

I can't wait to "go shopping" again!

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