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(Image: Chona Kasinger / Seattle Refined)

'Glossier You' pop-up coming to Nordstrom for limited time only

Do you remember this summer when Glossier, the skincare empire everyone wants a piece of, popped up in Capitol Hill and Seattleites went NUTS?!

Same. Which is why we are preeeetty sure those same fans are going to be excited to hear we're getting another little taste of the brand starting today (Dec. 3, 2019), this time in a rad collab with Nordstrom.

The duo are teaming up to offer 'Glossier You', Glossier's bestselling and award-winning fragrance, at Nordstrom through February 16, 2020. Normally only sold on the brand's website and retail locations, only seven Nordstrom locations TOTAL will be selling the special fragrance.

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Perks to being the home of Nordstrom, am I right? Also joining the sweet-smelling party will be Chicago, Dallas, Houston, NYC, Santa Anita and D.C.

While we've never personally smelled Glossier You, we are intrigued by it's description:

An addictive musk, with earthy iris root and spicy pink pepper, Glossier You smells a little different on everyone.

Glossier says the fragrance adapts to the skin's chemistry to create "the ultimate personal fragrance" to create a "You smell good" moment, not a "Your fragrance smells good" one.

The limited activation of Glossier You at Nordstrom will also bring tried and true elements of the Glossier world - like immersive design and sales associates in pink jumpsuits - to life in the Nordstrom environment.