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(Image: Maddison Newell / Seattle Refined)
(Image: Maddison Newell / Seattle Refined)
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Football Fashion: Shop your own closet for cute Seahawks fits

Happy football season, besties!

I'm gonna be real with you, I don't have much Seahawks gear in my closet. So, in honor of football season returning, I wanted to see how many ways I could style the sole NFL-related item I own: a Seahawks hat.

Now, I am no fashion expert by any means. Most of these outfits are pretty basic — and I think almost everyone can recreate them because of that. You likely already have these pieces in your closet. From casual AF to going all out, here's what I came up with.

Keep it casual

When I think casual, I mean c a s u a l. In this tier, you won't find me in anything but crop tops, t-shirts, leggings and shorts. I'd wear these outfits to sports bars and house parties, maybe a game if the weather permits.

Think, "my best friend just texted me 10 minutes before kick-off asking if I want to watch the game" energy. I ended up finding a white, black, navy and grey ribbed tank in my closet, leggings are a closet staple and if you've got some white sneakers laying around, you're all set.

You could also swap the leggings for denim or biker shorts and tanks for oversized t-shirts.

Dress it up, but with minimal effort

Let's take it a step further. This tier is like the one above, but swapping certain items for others: jeans instead of leggings, for example. We're keeping the crops, adding in oversized jackets like this leather one pictured.

For this tier, I'd add in some accessories (which you could do for any of the outfits, obvi) — things like layered necklaces, sunglasses, ankle socks, belts, fanny packs — anything to add a little *something* to the fit.

Go all out

Now, in this tier, I'd channel my inner Camille Kostek, model and girlfriend of football player Rob Gronkowski. I've always adored her game fashion — personalized jerseys, leather pants, satin jackets, letterman jackets, you name it.

Thankfully for this outfit, I had the perfect leather pants. Take it a step further with a leather skirt, add some boots. The world is your oyster, truly.

Most of you are probably better Seahawks fans than me and have more gear in your closet, but if you only own a hat, I think it is the perfect staple item capable of tying any outfit together. Happy football and Go Hawks!