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During, and three days post Fassage. (Image: Ishea Brown / Seattle Refined)

'Natural Face Lift'? We tried the Fassage, a facial massage that boasts crazy results

Spending the past 15 months staring at my face on Zoom, coupled with officially hitting my late 30s during the pandemic (hello 37!), left me somewhere between “Black don’t crack” and “where did that wrinkle come from!” So, when I learned that Seattle Master Esthetician Patty Huang’s signature “East-meets-West” fassage (facial + massage) was like a “natural face lift,” I immediately closed my Chrome Botox search and booked an appointment!

I'll admit my curiosity piqued mainly because of the idea of a 'natural face lift' - words that don't usually go together in the beauty world. The Fassage, however, claims to do just that - promising to naturally tighten and tone skin, promote oxygen and blood flow, and relax facial expressions all through Huang's custom warming and sculpting face massage.

The Fassage took place in Huang's home - and let me tell you, I was initially nervous. As a customer, there’s a wide range of expectations when someone says they’ll be providing a beauty service from their home. Will this be legit? Is the environment going to be clean? Will I feel safe? But nestled in her private Queen Anne space, Huang checks all the necessary boxes. She converted her cozy condo into a private spa, where she offers these customized facials focused on truly caring for people’s skin. I think it’s important to note that while she owns the condo, she doesn’t live at the home, so rest assured the atmosphere is as warm and inviting as you’d expect for the price tag of the services being offered.

When I entered, I was greeted by a clean, light-filled space and met Huang, a petite woman whose smile radiated nearly as much as her skin. It’s always a great sign when the person doing your treatment has enviable skin, and her skin is goals.

After having a quick chat about my skin concerns (e.g. a newly developing forehead wrinkle that’d been causing me quite a bit of stress and hyperpigmentation), Huang walked me through the custom treatment she’d be doing on me, including her popular “East-meets-West” Fassage technique.

Y’all – the facial was amazing. I can confidently say the Fassage technique was the best facial massage I’ve ever had. The cherry on top was getting my first chemical peel! Listen I hadn’t been that relaxed since the pandemic started and actually caught myself falling asleep twice!

Now - did I have a relaxing facial? Absolutely! Did it feel like I got a face lift? Not quite. When I think of face lifts, I imagine dramatic results like those on the Real Housewives. While I didn’t look Season 10 snatched, I did leave with a noticeable difference in the puffiness, texture, and tone of my skin. I really felt like my skin was glowing from the inside out. For those reasons, I would highly recommend booking an appointment with Huang. It may not replace the results of a real face lift, but your skin will look amazing, and you’ll feel relaxed.

Final thoughts? More than experiencing a relaxing facial, I loved being able to connect with Huang. She’s a gem of a person, full of personality, skin care knowledge, and the type of positive energy that immediately made me feel at ease receiving a treatment in such an intimate space. It felt like I was spending time with a friend, and I left excited to book with her again in the future – to me that’s the real test of whether you enjoyed a treatment (especially when it’s gifted) would you pay for it again? The pandemic renewed my interest in skin care and taught me not to wait for tomorrow to enjoy nice things. Spending money on high end beauty treatments is 100% a privilege and splurge, but if you can afford it, I’d suggest adding this into your routine.

For anyone interested in experiencing Patty Huang’s “East-meets-West” Fassage, you can visit her site and book with her online. She explained that results typically last one week and this treatment is perfect for people prepping for an event. She recommended seeing her 2-3 days before your event and with outside being a thing again, this facial is the perfect flex.

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