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Local artist Galina Adzhigirey is a Fashion Caricaturist and the creative force behind Drawing Blueberry. Over the past three years she's built a successful business sketching people at events all over the Puget Sound area and around the United States. Folks love her fun, flattering and very personal artwork. (Image: Drawing Blueberry)

Meet the local fashion caricaturist behind 'Drawing Blueberry'

Galina Adzhigirey draws her inspiration from the people she sketches.

"I'm like okay, well how can I draw, how can I bring out the most beautiful aspects of this person that's in front of me," said Adzhigirey. "I just draw it and make it the most glamourized version of them."

She quickly transforms a blank page into a whimsical work of art. This sought after artist has created thousands of unique illustrations, but she was just a kid when her passion for art started.

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"I've been drawing my entire life basically. I remember having a pencil. I remember having paper. This is back in Ukraine when we didn't have a lot of toys, and I would just draw little brides," said Adzhigirey.

Fast forward a few decades, grown up Galina was now a wife and a mom of two.

"When I was brainstorming for how to name my drawing business, I was like I'm gonna sit down and [think about] what I like. I like drawing, okay what else do I like? I like blueberries. Okay, what else? And I was stuck. I was like I'm just gonna do "Drawing Blueberry" until I can do something better so I'm still thinking. It's been about three years," she said.

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It was just three years ago that her amazing art on the official @DrawingBlueberry instagram account that caught the attention of some seriously fashion forward friends.

"My big break was actually David Yurman. They had a spring fashion event that was happening and they were looking for artists all over the country to go," she said.

The company flew Galina around the country to sketch at their events and that was just the beginning. These days Drawing Blueberry is in demand.

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"I've done Nordstrom, Nieman Marcus, and I've done some work for King 5, J Crew, stuff for Pacific Place, Bellevue Collection and Kendra Scott," said Adzhigirey.

Bold lines, bright colors and a flattering portrait that shows people looking better than their best. Galina's fashionable drawings will always be in style.