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(Image: Space Needle)

Designer Luly Yang creates new uniforms for Space Needle employees

The next time you head to the Space Needle, you may notice its employees decked out in new uniforms.

Workers at the iconic landmark just got a wardrobe makeover from Seattle-based designer Luly Yang. Her design for the new uniforms was inspired by the building's silhouette.

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The seams, color blocks, textures and trims mirror the architectural lines, while also flattering the human body. She said before she designed the new look, it was important for her to ask the employees what they wanted, interviewing each employee from the elevator operators to the valet drivers.

"I think a successful uniform program always takes into consideration the needs of people who are working the jobs, so that’s function, and then some of it it’s coming from the soul of the brand," Yang said.

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Luly Yang, who moved from Taiwan to Seattle as a child, says designing for the Space Needle is a dream.

"It’s really magical to be able to transform the architecture and the details of the design, and the beauty of the space, and bring it into the design details, into the garments themselves," she said.

Luly Yang is also the designer of the Alaska Airlines flight attendant and pilot uniforms, Climate Pledge Arena staff, and has a partnership with Amazon. The Space Needle’s chief marketing officer Karen Olson says the project with Luly Yang was three years in the making.

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