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(Image: Belle Boudoir Photography )
(Image: Belle Boudoir Photography )
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Meow! This Seattle photographer specializes in boudoir shoots

Have you ever considered doing a boudoir photo shoot? It seems intimating, but if you're brave enough to do it, the images are bound to be breathtaking (it's you, after all). Curious how it all works? Us too, so we sent our cameras to follow a bride-to-be through a steamy photo session (clip above). We also chatted with Seattle-based photographer Cheryl Jones with Belle Boudoir Photography to learn what to expect during a shoot.

Seattle Refined: Tell us what a client can expect day of.
Cheryl Jones: Our studio and services are designed to include everything our clients will need to create perfect boudoir photos. The first thing that takes place when a client arrives (after getting a beverage and settling in, of course) is professional hair and makeup. We even provide false lashes and hair extensions! After she’s finished with that, the client and I spend time creating a game-plan for the session. We’ll choose the lingerie, shoes and accessories she wants to wear – which is usually a combination of things she brings with her and things from our vast wardrobe collection. During this time we’ll also talk about her style preferences and look at photos to establish the direction(s) the shoot will take. Once we start the photo shoot itself, I provide very detailed and easy-to-follow posing directions the entire time. And that’s not all! The day doesn’t end after the photo shoot. We meet back after an hour break to view the pictures and choose the photos they want to include in their custom Art Book.

Boudoir photography can be intimating. How do you put your clients at ease?
We start with a phone consultation prior to the shoot, and that always helps turn nervousness into excitement. I also provide a comprehensive preparation guide that answers any/all questions they could ever have which helps clients feel at ease. Further, since our studio offers everything they could possibly need, our clients don’t need to worry about organizing all of the aspects of the day – we’ve got it all covered for them. On the day of the session, they have 1-1.5 hours during hair and makeup to enjoy conversation and gradually shift into the photo shoot. The transformation after hair and makeup is not only reflected in the mirror, but in their excitement and confidence. And finally, once the photo shoot begins, I give such detailed and precise direction, any remaining nerves dissipate as they realize they don’t need to have a clue what they’re doing and I’ll guide them the entire way!

How does the shoot build confidence?
Confidence is not about how you look, but how you feel. Turning the pages of a book with powerful, stunning images of yourself will transform how you feel and that will impact the confidence you have in all of our relationships and interactions.

You don’t have to be a model, right?!
Absolutely not! Our clients are moms, teachers, working professionals, students, and military women who all have one thing in common: a desire to feel amazing and do something new and exciting. We’ve photographed women into their 70s and women beyond size 28, most who have never been in front of a pro’s camera before. Women tell us our “before and after” photos helped them make the leap to do a session by breaking away some of concerns.

Why do women get these photos taken?
Often times women do the session to create a gift for a special occasion such as an anniversary, wedding, or holiday. Or, equally as often, women do the session to celebrate a milestone in their lives such a birthday, a personal achievement, or simply just for fun! That said, regardless of the reason that brings her in, I believe every woman who comes to our studio to have boudoir photos taken is doing it for herself. It’s not just the beautiful photos that women want, but the positive experience of creating them and resulting confidence they gain afterwards.

Is this a popular service for expecting moms?
It is very popular! Women choose us because they want non-traditional maternity photos that capture their shape/form in and artistic, beautiful way that they can remember their pregnancy by.

Have you seen this experience change lives?
There are too many experiences women have shared with me to count! Just this past week we had a client return for her second session after it had been four years since her first session with us. She told me that her first session completely changed how she viewed herself, it sparked increased intimacy in her relationship with her husband, and it led her to get more physically strong and healthy – all because she loved herself in a way she hadn’t before her session with us. That is our mission, to help women of any age, size, or shape feel confident and sexy by creating effortlessly beautiful images through an empowering, pampering and uplifting experience.

How much does it cost?
The session fee is $400 and includes makeup & hair, the use of our studio and wardrobe, and a 2 hour photo shoot. Prints, albums, and digital images are purchased separately. An average purchase is around $2,000 but varies based on what the client chooses to purchase. Complete pricing can be found on our website.

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