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(Image: Ali Meliah Photography)

Ballaura: Where Relaxation and Wellness Meet

One of these days I’m going to have a monthly standing massage appointment. And when that day comes, that monthly “treat yo self” appointment will be at Ballaura Wellness Spa in Olympia.

Over the years I’ve had many a massage, but none quite compares to the full scope treatment at Ballaura.

Founded in 2008 by massage therapist Nikki Chryst, Ballaura’s heart and soul beats relaxation and wellness. In The Ballaura Story they share:

Our guiding principle is to make sure each client feels safe. We’ve given massages to people that didn’t want to be touched with hands, so we used hot stones instead. We’ve given massages to people who didn’t want their bodies to be seen, so we did compression through sheets. We are simply here to make you feel better.

And from the moment you walk in, this sentiment rings true. I visited Ballaura over the holidays, overwhelmed and a bit on edge from all the season’s to dos. I immediately was offered a beverage and a warm neck wrap while I waited for the start of my appointment. The stress began to melt away. Apparently a genuine smile, good ol’ H2O, and a rice pack are the keys to calm.

My massage began with an offer of dry brushing and essential oils. I’ve never had a massage that incorporated dry brushing before. I know of the benefits, but had never thought to pair it with massage. But it totally makes sense and was a wonderful way to start my treatment. Adding in essential oils set the mood perfectly. Isn’t it wild how smells can so heavily impact an atmosphere? So, with a diffuser quietly humming, relaxing music on, and dry brushing underway, I was pretty much in seventh heaven.

The entire experience at Ballaura was exceptional, and I truly felt like it was both a relaxation investment and one that took my wellness to the next level. My therapist was attune to my requests and adjusted appropriately throughout. Perhaps best of all, when you book a 60 minute massage at Ballaura you actually get 60 whole minutes! Not a minute less! I think every other massage I’ve had is blocked out for 60 minutes but is only hands-on for 50 minutes or so. I loved having that extra 10 minutes of relaxation!

It didn't feel like it was just about massages. It felt that they were part of a wellness community. “Massage is a powerful thing,” they write on their website, “and through it, we empower you to find your own path towards wellness.” They want to help heal - body and soul. And we all need healing in that manner. Whether injury or stress, we all can find better health through massage.

Ballaura offers full scope treatment - from beginning to end, it’s an opportunity to assess needs, rebuild, and soar. They don’t miss a beat and it’s evident that the entire team cares deeply about their work. At Ballaura, relaxation and wellness meet, and that merging of goals is truly a beautiful thing.