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Eating a Zoey's Fried Chicken sandwich is a life-changing event

If you've never considered eating a fried chicken sandwich to be a life-changing event, Everett has a surprise for you. Those who know about Zoey's Fried Chicken rave about it.

It seems like if you know Zoey's, you love Zoey's. The perfection comes from a combination of perfectly breaded and seasoned crispy fried chicken, pickles (if you're a fan, we know it can be a contentious condiment), mayo and cheddar cheese too, with a side of fries. But that's just the original Chicken Sandwich.

Located in an unassuming building, Aissa Mbaye, her husband and two sons run the restaurant together, serving up fried chicken sandwiches that will certainly require more than one napkin but will leave you endlessly happy with your meal decision. The sandwiches have become local crowd-pleasers and continuously receive rave reviews.

Mbaye says the most popular menu item is the Original Chicken Sandwich, but there's something for everyone at Zoey's. For those wishing to get a bit spicier, the Habanero Chicken is prepared to thrill with onions grilled to perfection, lettuce, swiss cheese and a spicy habanero spread. The Mild Jalapeno Chicken is around for those who like just a smidge of spice, and you can't go wrong with a fried chicken sandwich topped with mushrooms and swiss. Mbaye, however, has a few menu recommendations.

"The Sweet Pineapple Curry Sandwich," she said. "People are always surprised by how much they like that one, and the Cordon Bleu with garlic spread, swiss, and ham is another great one. But I can't choose a favorite; I actually like them all."

For those who prefer beef over chicken, Zoey's Fried Chicken has seven burgers to choose from, all served on warm brioche buns with fries. Chicken tenders and wings are also standout items here, and come in original flavor, barbecue, mild buffalo and curry, to name a few. Additional sauces like buttermilk ranch, blue cheese and spicy barbecue are the perfect dunking and smothering accouterment.

The reviews here speak for themselves, with phrases like "absolutely bliss" and "bombdiggity" thrown around. It's clear that Mbaye knows how to make the sandwiches we all deserve. Zoey's isn't her first time working in a kitchen, however. Mbaye's culinary roots go back to when she was 12 years old, working in her grandma's restaurant in Naimey, Niger that specialized in fufu, a traditional West African dish usually made with yams. Her grandma switched up the recipe, though, to feature rice flour.

"My family has always cooked," Mbaye said. "My grandmother was a great cook, and so was my mother."

While Mbaye's grandmother passed away last September, her restaurant is still serving up fufu, where Mbaye has fond memories of working alongside her family. And now in Everett, Mbaye is keeping her family tradition alive by including all family members in the operation.

"We welcome everybody," Mbaye said, "And we love everybody equally."

Zoey's Fried Chicken Sandwiches is located at 510 W Casino Rd, Suite G, in Everett. Drop in to place an order to-go or call ahead at (425) 374-3040. Zoey's is open seven days a week, Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 9 p.m. Want to support more small businesses like Zoey's? We're proud to collaborate with Intentionalist, an online guide that makes it easier for you to find/connect with diverse local businesses owned by women, people of color, veterans, members of the LGBTQ community, and people with disabilities.