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(Image: Autumn Lovewell)

Youngstown Coffee creates a safe space for its West Seattle neighbors & beyond

Married couple Monica Colgan and Autumn Lovewell bought Youngstown Coffee on June 14, 2020. They wanted to buy the business since previous owner Zoe had built such a wonderful community and customer base in the Morgan Junction neighborhood of West Seattle.

"We wanted to continue that relationship and bring that spirit to Monica's business HeartBeet Cafe, that's co-located with Youngstown," Lovewell says.

In addition to serving great coffee and delicious breakfast items, the mission at Youngstown is to be radical in how they do business and how they operate within their community.

"In every business decision we make," Lovewell explains, "such as where we buy our coffee beans, to what retail items are in our shop, we are very intentional about supporting BIPOC, LGBT and female-owned businesses and creators. We are about anti-racism work and supporting transgender youth. Our products, employees, messaging and fundraisers reflect those values."

They describe their shop as small but bright and fun, with 70s California vintage vibes. Specialty drinks come with enticing names like Magical Mocha and Zesty Westy, while snacks range from tasty breakfast burritos and quiches to scones, almond pinwheels and Nutella brioche.

Lovewell's favorite order? "I really enjoy an iced americano with cream and a breakfast sandwich! We have a lot of oat milk fans that really love our top-selling drink P.S. I Love You, made with espresso, oat milk, vanilla, honey and a dash of cinnamon. We don't charge extra for alternative milks!"

When asked how they chose the address for this latest endeavor, the couple says the location truly chose them, since HeartBeet Cafe moved into the space right next to Youngstown. Readers can support them by coming in to visit the West Seattle venue and, while there, purchasing some food and drink.

"We hope that when you're there, you check out our little retail area filled with amazing BIPOC, LGBTQ and female-made items and pick up something unique and fun to support them," Lovewell says.

"Our coffee shop is unique in that we are bold about our values and have created a safe space for our customers," Lovewell concludes. "There is nothing better than receiving that feedback from our customers."

Visit Youngstown Coffee online.

Corinne is a freelance writer for Seattle Refined. Follow her work and adventures here.