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Vegan, locally-produced SorBabes is revolutionizing the world of sorbet

Nothing beats a popsicle on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, we’ve all taken that first bite of icy bliss only to find a mundane flavor that tastes more like someone dumped sugar water into the ice-cube tray. We’re left wishing there was something more to it than a lackluster attempt at a fruit flavor. SorBabes is out to change this sometimes disappointing frozen dessert experience. Locally produced in Snohomish, SorBabes bars are a fruity flavor explosion that could completely change your sorbet experience. We’re sorry in advance if your neighbors start showing up unannounced for dessert every night.

Co-founders Deborah Gorman and Nicole Cardone created SorBabes as a soft, fruity sorbet wrapped in a creamy and crunchy shell. When the two browsed the ice cream aisle, they noticed innovations all over, but sorbet remained the same untouched, uninspired flavors, so they set out to evolve the industry.

“Sorbet always remained the same: it was lemon, mango, or raspberry frozen fruit juice that was super sweet, no inclusions, no chunks, no swirls, nothing,” Gorman said. “We’re elevating sorbet to a different level by combining fruits and creaminess with layers of flavors and texture.”

To sweeten the deal, SorBabes are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, made with real fruit and real ingredients.

Wildberry Crisp SorBabes bars are a Pacific Northwest summer dream. A marionberry and blackberry fruit bar dipped in crispy chocolate with crunchy quinoa puffs tastes like grandma’s homemade jam turned into sorbet. Sorry, but we might not be sharing.

Strawberry Crisp is a sweet strawberry sorbet coated in a crunchy strawberry shell, while Mango Coconut Crunch with passion fruit tastes like your freezer was actually a magic time-travel machine that took you back to that incredible tropical vacation, but minus the sunburn and sand everywhere.

And it would be rude not to mention the dreamy Vanilla Caramel Crunch with vanilla caramel sorbet that features almond butter and a caramel chocolate shell. Could a dessert possibly be any better?

“We’re really thoughtful with the ingredients and everything we put in our bodies,” Cardone said. “We wanted to make a dessert that was better for you than the alternatives out there, that wasn’t artificial, and that was giving you a natural flavor in a very pure form.”

Like most small businesses, SorBabes has gone through its share of bumps during the pandemic, including manufacturing delays and supply chain woes. Cardone and Gorman shifted the process they used to manufacture SorBabes bars to a method they originally thought wouldn’t work well to produce a soft, creamy sorbet. But the new process is even better than before.

“We found that we can actually use the new process and still get a soft, indulgent fruit experience,” Cardone said. “We didn’t think it was possible, but the bars eat better and taste better, so it was sort of a happy accident.”

While supply chain issues are still lingering, the SorBabes are persevering to bring us a wholesome dessert we can all enjoy that’s naturally dairy and gluten-free and made with real fruit.

“The whole purpose of dessert is joy,” Gorman said. “It’s supposed to make you happy. We’re really focusing on positivity around eating and feeling good.”

If you look up “joy” in the official Seattle Refined dictionary, it says, “locally produced, female-owned sorbet bars." So we agree, SorBabes is a joy.

Find locally produced SorBabes bars at Whole Foods Market, Walmart, and online through SorBabes for delivery. While the products, services, and/or accommodations in this post were provided without charge, all of the opinions within are those of the author and the Seattle Refined editorial board.