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Pans taste even better than they look and that's saying a lot (Image courtesy of Umami Kushi).

This Japanese street food business might just be our new favorite

We are always looking for delicious eats in Seattle and right now, we are OBSESSED with this specialty Japanese business in Pioneer Square.

It's called Umami Kushi, a specialty business cranking out authentic Japanese Street Food. Owner and chef, Harold Fields is best known for bringing pans (pronounced like pons) to the Seattle area.

Pans are sort of like a deep fried Japanese doughnut stuffed with everything tasty. From beef curry to salmon with cream cheese to baked potato and bacon, after just one bite you won't be able to stop sinking your teeth into each and every flavor.

So why pans? Why Seattle? Harold says he found inspiration in Japan.

The creative chef took an extended trip overseas after he and his family were forced to leave their New Orleans home because of devastating by Hurricane Katrina. While in Japan, Harold trained with top chefs in the industry. That is when Harold realized he wanted to make his dream of uniting communities across the Puget Sound come true.

Today Harold thrives by bringing smiles to his customers faces when he cooks up pans from Umami Kushi! Watch the clip above for more, and find locations online.