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The Top 5 Mexican Restaurants in Seattle that are 'Californian Approved'

There are many things Californians have to brag about: the lack of rain, the warm beaches and the ridiculously tasty Mexican food. And when Californians move to Seattle, you often hear them complain about Seattle’s lack of these luxuries. Even though we can’t get rid of the rain or suddenly create warm sandy beaches, Seattle is finally stepping up its game with Mexican restaurants that Californians would actually eat at.

Here are our top 5 - do you agree?

TNT Taqueria

It almost seems impossible to find a delicious meal at a great price with great service, but TNT Taqueria definitely fits this description! This little restaurant with a to-go-order window is easy to miss, but it is definitely worth a stop. I’m not sure what I can rave about more - their one dollar churros or their homemade chips.

2114 North 45th Street. Seattle, WA 98103


Two words: Baby burrito. Gorditos is home of the famous baby burrito, a burrito that is actually the size of a new born baby. When you walk into Gorditos, you will see their “baby burrito wall," a wall covered in photos of babies next to Gorditos’ burrito. If you are the type of person that loves to have left overs, this is the place for you!

213 N. 85th St. Greenwood-Seattle


I like to call Cactus a “trendy” Mexican restaurant. This Southwest kitchen and bar is home to Seattle’s first Tapas bar. From their delicious Navajo fly bread to their enchiladas stacked Santa Fe style, Cactus will keep you coming back for more.

Locations in: South Lake Union, Bellevue Square, Madison Park, Kirkland, Alki Beach

Agua Verde Café

Californians almost feel at home when they go to Agua Verde café. Located right on the water with a puddle club below the café, you can enjoy the best chips and guac or their house made Agua Frescas after a long day spent out on the water.

1303 NE Boat St. Seattle, WA

Little Water Cantina

Little Water Cantina takes Mexican food to a whole new level with their unique setting. When you go here be sure to have your camera ready, because you’ll want to take a picture of everything. From their beautifully plated colorful food, to their outdoor patio overlooking the water, Little Water Cantina is the perfect place for great food and great views.

2865 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102